tsuruloosies! 2 new Modern Skirts tracks!

Well, what do you know, our friends over at Modern Skirts got a lil’ EP coming out (and an album after that, yay prolific song-writing) called Happy 81! We got privy to tow of the tracks off the new guys so hell, I figured, how about a hot (seriously, it’s like 1,233 degrees F with 459% humidity outside) afternoon tsuruloosie post to cool us off, eh? Word is they are eschewing the “pop muscle” they flexed on their last album to find “the band starting to push its own boundaries”.


What does that mean? No clue. Let’s find out! Just like this morning, it’s out of 5 wheelies!!! WHEEE!

Modern Skirts – DUI

Yeah… not so much. What is this, some weird reggaton meets carnival meets huh?

Modern Skirts – Rebecca St. Claire

Mmmmm….. O Brother Where Are Though meets Modern Skirts, now THAT’S more like it! Happy!

There you go! 2 of 7 tracks ready for your absorption, love, and/or rejection!


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