tsuruloosie & a “you heard it here first” scoop! I Don’t Believe You by The Thermals

Hey kiddos! A quickie tsuruloosie for ya but first a scoop!  On our flight back from Calgary on Sunday, we were on the same plane as The Thermals as they made their way to Chicago for a show.  Well, I think they sat near a fan and as we deboarded (is that the proper word?) our flight in “Chi-Town”, I heard the lead singer dude tell the fan girl that next year they’ll be touring and will only be doing Alice In Chains covers! Very exciting stuff!  As much as I enjoy their brand of power-pop goodness, that will be a fun treat indeed!

Also, side note, their bassist is a total hottie…

Okay, and now the tsuruloosie!  WHEEE!  As I am wanton to do, simply rated out of 5 wheelies!

The Thermals – I Don’t Believe You

Easy-peasy power-pop-punk goodness!  Check, done!



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