Sled Island Report! WHY?

Photography by Me

After Mico, we hung around Dicken’s Pub for, what I considered, the main event of our first night in Calgary… Why? Now, I consider myself a casual fan of Why?, in that I’m vaguely familiar with their songs, one or two showing up on a mixtape here & there, which is more than I can say for Mico, right?

The air was getting thick as pub goers prepared for one of their faves to start…

The anticipation was so thick, you could stick it a fork in it and eat it!

Finally, why took the stage!  They led off with this new song which I wasn’t very familiar with, but it was an epic 20 to 30 minute song that went, “check, check, aaaah, aaah, check, check, la la la la la la laaaa, check, check” followed by random instruments blaring out, then more checks, ahs, and beef carpagios (or whatever they are called). It was pretty magical & pretty avant-garde.  I’m not sure the kids in the audience was getting it though.

For the final 30 minutes of their set, they played what appeared to be audience faves as everyone seemed to know the lyrics and lip-synced right along…. with LOTS of passion.

Now, I wouldn’t have pegged a small pub filled with a couple hundred people listening to a band like Why? to be one prone to crowd-surfing, but not only did some dude in the audience get his 5 sec surf on, so did Mr. Yoni and the crowd was happy to play along!

Small fact: yoni is tantric massage for “vagina”.

The crowd was happy, we were having a good time, life was good…

All-in-all, solid set, fun, very white-indieboy-friendly “hip hop”, though, in all honesty, for some reason, Yoni’s voice sounded an awful lot like Weird Al Yankovic’s.  Once that thought bubble popped in my head, I’ll admit, it was hard to shake out.  Considering I didn’t watch Yoni do his thing (I was focused more on the dude who looked like a roadie earlier, but turned out to be the bassist, he was IN IT, oh man, he felt every. single. note. he. played!  WOOT!  Loved that guy), he was partially blocked from my view, the image in my head was allll Weird Al.

Next time though, I hope they finish with that new check-check song, I think that would blow our collective audience minds…


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  1. July 6, 2010 at 11:52 AM

    hahahahahahhaha (in reference to avant garde sound check)

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