Sled Island Report! CAVE!!!

Photography by Baby!

Okay, with miffed disillusioned with the Girl Talk situation, we persevered & moved on, making our way to The Distillery with the idea of catching the Turbo Fruits (more on that later)!  When we got there, the pub’s choice of music was a bit on the off-putting side, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like annoying hardcore/metal crap, it’s just not “my thang”.  While we waited and drank, some rather scruffy looking ragamuffins took the stage setting up some rather analog looking equipment.  A quick look at the guide and we saw it was a band called CAVE.

Well, if one was to judge a book by it’s name & cover, I’d assume we were getting ready for a 60s/70s tribute band or something?  But after a little soundcheck action, they were off and duuuuude……..  Whoa!

One phrase to roughly describe what I heard?  Psychedelic prog jams!  And by jams, I mean JAAAMS.  These guys would just not stop!  Guitar broke? No problem, they keep driving and driving, keyboard not working with the amp?  Keep going, keep going!  And man, these guys were tight!  I kinda think of them as Battles but with less “math” and more LSD.  How’s that work for ya?

To add awesome to bad assness, they even had a drum buddy! Here’s a vid I snapped, sorry for the shitty audio, I’m sure my camera’s not equipped to be 3 feet from a giant speaker while CAVE drones at psychedelic awesomeness!


After the little set, I picked up their album off Important Records, Psychic Psummer (looks like they signed to Drag City, I guess some big things are coming for these guys)…

Here’s a couple tracks off the album, keep an eye, my friends, P4K/blog-hierarchy folks will be all over these guys before you know it!

1. Gamm
2. Made in Malaysia
3. Encino Men
4. High, I Am
5. Requiem for John Sex
6. Machines and Muscles

Hot damn.



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