Sled Island Report! Mico

Photography by Me

After an amazing epic journey to Vancouver by plane, to Banff & Lake Louise by train, we finally got to Calgary by automobile on Thursday, July 1st, Canada Day.  After meeting up with Sandy & Jude from Slowcoustic & Chris from Culture Bully for a few drinks and some delicious Yorkshire pudding stuffed with fine Alberta steak, it was back to downtown Calgary to get our Sled Island on!


WHY? was playing at the Dickens, but it was early so we decided to go ahead and mosie on down and see who was up…  The answer was Mico.

What I thought was a newer 90s throw-back band, turned out to be an Albertan band from 1998, so I guess I was only half right.  These guys sounded like they were plucked right out of the post-Nirvana world and dropped right in front of us at Dickens.  While they did own that Foo Fighters-y kinda thing, and though it wasn’t my cup-o-beer, these guys were in it to win it.

Hang in there, Mico, the way trends are going, the re-re-birth of the 80s is almost done and people will be ready to get that lovely angsty decade on once again, I’m sure! These Calgarians here:

Just don’t know it yet!

Mico – Motion Pictures
Mico – The Great Achievement
Mico – Cheers For Subdiversion



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  1. July 5, 2010 at 1:58 PM

    hang in there Mico – the golden era of post-grunge bullshitery is nearly upon us.

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