Peanut’s Playground: Talking about the Bird(s) and the Bee(s), because it’s summer and I’m loving it all!

Photography by devil-without-horns

4,500 kilometers (or 2,800 miles), 6 countries and a gazillion songs on the iPod. Somehow, someway, one album managed to bubble up to the surface more than the other albums we brought along. And with ‘more’, I mean ‘MORE’!

Ever since first realizing that Hall & Oates weren’t just some poppy bad-hairdo-backstreet-boys-avant-la-lettre-duo but actually a fantastic couple of singer/songwriters I have played their songs to death. I love the vocals but I especially admire their songwriting, which is just plain excellent.

Luckily my opinion about H&O is shared by a lot of other people (whose taste you should also trust!), among them the LA-based indie/pop darlings of the Bird And The Bee. And it’s their latest album Interpreting The Masters Volume I: A Tribute To Daryll Hall And John Oates that has gotten most of our attention during the past weeks/months. Starting off with Heard It On The Radio, which I think is the best song I’ve heard this year so far, the B & the B cover nine tracks of which everyone of you knows the lyrics by heart. True classics, redone in a way only Inara George and Greg Kustin can.

Lovely stuff.

Make sure also to check out the band’s back catalogue which consists of two more  quite brilliant albums.


01. Heard It On The Radio

02. I Can’t Go For That

03. Rich Girl

04. Sara Smile

05. Kiss On My List

06. Maneater

07. She’s Gone

08. Private Eyes

09. One on One

And while your at it, go show this dynamic duo some love:

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