Peanut’s Playground: MTV-induced inspiration leading to Videos Galore!

Getting inspired by MTV is a rare occurrence.  Since it happened to me yesterday I decided to act on it. And voila! Music videos dumped together in a post. Some stuff you might know already. Some stuff you might not have heard of yet. Enjoy!

The Black Keys – Tighten Up (from Brothers, 2010)

Musically reliable as always, with a great video to boot! Excellent!

Danko Jones – Full of Regret (from Below The Belt, 2010)

Danko acting the action hero, Frodo being a motherfucker, guitars and…Selma Blair. Flawless!

Audio Bullys – Only Man (from Higher Than the Eiffel, 2010)

Great clip from one of the UK’s premier electronic acts.

The Temper Trap – Love Lost (from Conditions, 2009)

Brilliant song from a brilliant album. I love this clip!

Ginger Ninja – Sunshine (from Wicked Map, 2010)

Sunny pop from Denmark. Nothing wrong with this song, and their debut album also gets better with repeated listens.

Local Natives – Airplanes (from Gorilla Manor, 2009)

Recently discovered indie rockers, recommended to me by Marikeeeee. Thanks again!


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