One Happy Island? One Happy Island indeed…

Photography by geishaballs

One of the greatest phrases of an adult’s working life?  “It’s my Friday”  It’s kinda in your face, you know?  It’s got a little fuck you to it, depending on how much you emphasize the “my”…  (Ir)regadless, it is!  It’s MY Friday!  WOOT!  Taking a long weekend with Momma Tsuru and my little birds are all coming into town tomorrow!  Nice.  Don’t worry, I’ll still be posting and whatnot, just possibly not as much?  Not too sure.

Either way, man today we gots a sweet little sumfin to share with you, the self-titled debut by One Happy Island!


No, this isn’t a solo album by one of the guys from Islands, though that would be a sweet name for a band if one had felt like spreading his wings a bit without Mr. Diamonds.  Nope, this is just a little pop band from Boston that makes sweet little messy songs about elephants, bikes, toast, and what not that sound like they were recorded in one of their mom’s basement.  It’s got that sweet childish feeling like Jonathan Richman’s early post-Modern Lovers work, but with an awesome lo-fi do-it-yourself flavour.

Basically, it’s fun & cute all the same time!  Perfect for MY Friday!



1. [Introduction]
2. Cave City Sunrise
3. Elegant Elephant
4. How to Hurt
5. The Bike Song
6. Texas Toast
7. Patience and Better Days
8. Horse Cave, Kentucky
9. Faster, Sunshine
10. Xmas Song
11. Every Winter
12. Tangelo
13. Kudzu Girlfriend
14. Flounder
15. Nomi, You’re a Star!

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