itty interwebs: wednesday, wussup?

This is a great time to be alive people. Especially if you have ipod buds attached to your ears, an aux cord in your car, and lots of time to yourself. Working has really opened my doors to the music listening world – mostly in that I’ve been listening to albums on repeat for the last week. I drive and hour to get to work and back everyday, plus the 6 in the office. Lately, it’s just been me, big boi, baths, the roots and the mother fucking arcade fire. okay so not JUST them, of course, but heavily weighted with those 4 artist’s recent releases/leaks.

AND LEMME TELL YOU, it makes work EXXXXXTRA bareable.

Know what else is great? Mad Men is back. Yeeeah.

Anyway, I’ve got some shit here that has been sitting in my bookmarks folder for a week and half now (whoops) that I just GOTTA share. Most of it is now dated, or maybe REAL old, but who knows, amiright? fucking live today for today amiright? what the fuck am i talking about.

First off, MUSICS:

If you’re all noble and shit and don’t wanna listen to that leaked Arcade Fire, maybe you’ll be willing to listen to “Rococo” for me. Srsly, do it for me. It’s my favorite. It’s the best thing. It’s delectable.
Arcade Fire – Rococo by arimyg

I KNOW this came out like 2 weeks ago, but then it kind of disappeared, so if you missed it, this is that Neon Indian video for “6669 (I Don’t Know If You Know)” and I think it’s radical. (that was all one sentence. I RULE)
“6669 (i don’t know if you know)”

NEON INDIAN | MySpace Music Videos

I feel this tumblr collection of kitsch shit really relates to my upbringing. My father has a barn on his property–a big fucking barn–full of treasures like these. In a world where I had the time ambition to do anything valuable with my free time, i would inventory that shit and fill a goddamn Pottery Barn.
Crap At My Parents House

and here’s a clever little corollary, presumably created by a collective of the… 13… worldwide kitschy older parents using tumblr. (Note layout skillz).
Shit My Kids Ruined

Do you like charts, graphs, color keys, legends, information in general presented in interesting ways.. and don’t give a fuck? problie.

itty technology update: HOLOGRAMS EDITION. jk I have no idea what to even tell you about this. I get updates from the Creators Project (’cause I went and it was awsm) and this was something they passed along to us little people. I can’t wait until I can adapt it to household technology and get some of that chart porn going on it. sexy can i?
3-D Hologram with iPad

general silliness, as per usual.
After The Rapture Pet Care

okay. play them out, guys.


2 comments for “itty interwebs: wednesday, wussup?

  1. adventurerneil
    July 28, 2010 at 4:39 PM

    Haha! Love the black widow with the mustache in that vid around 2:40!

    Also, I am forced to note that the new itty interwebs logo features a very pleasing non-zero amount of cleavage. WORK IT GIRL! :P

  2. arimyg
    July 28, 2010 at 4:45 PM

    CLEAVAGE! hahahaha! shadows man, shadows.

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