itty interwebs: this summer is kicking my ass

IT’S REALLY HOT. Like, I fall/spring in southern California, but summer time in the north east is kicking my ass right now. The air is literally wet. I walked out of work yesterday and my sandels we’re immediately slippery (not sweat my friends, condensation. [or someshit]) Also my work is HIGHLY air conditioned, and my car is…n’t, so I keep getting home from work and my face is burning hot for the rest of the night. I know this is unusual, but I’m pretty sure it means my face has trouble with the temperature shift. Cool huh? (…)

So I only have a couple little things here for you. I’m sorry. I have a job now. And I’m also still lazy.

This is fun. You enter a writing sample and it tells you what literary superstar you write like. A ran a few essays and got Vladimir Nabokov, but most of my itty posts got Dan Brown (which kind of sucks, right?) I just ran this post so far and it is also Vladimir Nabokov, which makes me feel consistent and also Russian-styled awesome. YOU CAN DO IT TO!
I Write Like

Did you know there are 30 Rock webisodes? I fucking didn’t. My summer is running on True Blood and Pretty Little Liars, both of which say nothing for my educated and elitist background of good taste and knowledge, so finding a few little Tina Fey gems was pretty sweet. Cause she’s my idol. And why wouldn’t I be stoked about that? Apparently they’re also Emmy Nominated, which I guess goes ahead and gives me a boost in that aforementioned background of excellence.
30 Rock Webisodes

Remember when I wrote that Justin Beiber review for PMA for April Fools? Well I’m thinking about restarting a satirical, onion-like newspaper up at school this semester (there was one, but the guy dropped it), so I thought I’d get a little summer practice in. In order to do this, I made a little stupid blog to post some musical reviews on. My 2nd installment is a M.I.A. – Maya review that is highly relevant. (Also to avoid all confusion, IT’S A GODDAMN JOKE OKAY? EVERYTHING I DO IS A JOKE. STOP EXPECTING REAL THINGS.) I’ll probably do several more throughout the summer, so check back now and then, or follow me on twitter and get real-time updates! I would have put them here on Tsuru, but I didnt want anyone to get confused about whether all his posts were also satirical or whether mine were serious, etc. So obviously we’re all hopeful that this will become a viral success.

Gonna leave you all with a song now. Mostly because I need YOUR HELP in finding out a. Where I got it from, b. Who Across America is, and c. Where I can get more of their music. It’s pretty much great, and I really hope you like it and can help me out!
Across America – Millionaires by arimyg

Okay bye! i love you! whatever!


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