It’s hot outside, but we are staying cool with The And by Angil And The Hiddentracks!

Instant Mobile Photography by Me!

Hey kiddos!  Man o’ man, if there’s one thing I hate about vacation is, not just the end of vacation, but the beginning of working again!  But, whilest I was, first busy with not being busy, then knee-deep in meetings and catching up and emails and etc, Peanut, Ari, Neil, and even our newest writer Wasoe stepped up to the metaphorical blog plate and hit nuffin’ but 1000!

YAY baseball analogies!

Mixtapes, mixtapes, hot newness, and a blast from the past from TSURUNATION!

Speaking of family, check it… during my stay-ca-vaca full of family good times, we had a moment to take a fresh Tsuru Family Portrait (2010):

What do you think? I’m the bear.

One thing, man, this weekend was HOT.  I mean temperature wise.  Ugh.  Heat plus humidity reminded me of those first 31 years of my life down in Florida!  Absolutely miserable.  BUT, while swamp ass ruled in the back of my pantaloons, it was The And by Angil And the Hiddentracks that’s keep in me cool!

Seriously, this album is cool.  I mean like “cool daddio, cool” kinda cool.  Apparently this is a super group of sorts featuring folks from Stereolab, Radar Bros, and the Delgados, sweet!  It’s jazzy, a bit free-form, it’s quirky & sexy, and, though they are speakin’ the english, it’s so very very French!  We featured a song on one of our recent mixtapes, and it was very shortly after that I started falling hard for this quirk monster.

The only thing missing is Mike Meyers and a very large cup of cappuccino!

Harriet!  Sweet Harriet!

That’s better.   Okay, so here’s what ya gotta do.  Strip down to your wife-beater undershirt and boxers (ladies, the same for you), turn the fan right on you with a big glass of sweet tea, push play, & enjoy. THEN, head to the link below, stream/preview the rest, and buy the damn thing.  It’s summery sexy heat sexy good sexy-ness….


01 Disculpe
02 Thelma or Louise?
03 Lipograms
04 Kira #1
05 Jackson Jr. Redding

06 In the attic
07 Sail home
08 Kira #2
09 Unbroken hearts
10 Finlande and platform
11 Kira #3

Some Angil Hiddentrack love!  Myspace | Official | Blog | Label

More viddy vid time!!!



3 comments for “It’s hot outside, but we are staying cool with The And by Angil And The Hiddentracks!

  1. July 29, 2010 at 8:53 AM

    Very cool pic man!Good to see that girls take after you :)

  2. July 29, 2010 at 9:00 AM

    She was a thief, you gotta believe, she stole my heart and my cat…

    Diggin’ Thelma or Louise!

  3. August 10, 2010 at 7:46 AM

    Cool! Thanks a lot, we appreciate it!

    Mickaël (Angil)

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