I’m off the phone & I’m listening to Light Chasers by Cloud Cult!!!

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Well, it was a busy day, non-stop really, but I’m off the phone, I’ve ridden my 40 miles, I got what I had to get done, done, I’ve got food in the oven, the Tour de France on the TV and all I’ve been listening to is Light Chasers by Cloud Cult!


Okay, when this first showed up on the intertubals I was out in about western Canada on vacation with my Baby.   The initial word was that it was beautiful but with a big BUT… something was going on with the vocals that was tweaking out a few friends.

I got nervous.  I loved Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-partying Through Tornadoes) a couple years back, loved it with all my heart.  We waited two stinking years for this and I just wasn’t ready to not like this.

It went on the back-burner.  I heard (and loved) “Running With The Wolves” but everyone was loving that, so no worries there…..  Okay, enough of this, the Sprint story and telephone themed mixtape was up, it was finally and finally, yesterday, I gave it a whirl.


First off… Is this a concept album?  It feels like it.  There’s a story going on, a story of a group of, well, light chasers.  In that sense, it’s kinda proggy, it’s spacey, are they in space?  Are they on a ship at sea?  Are they in the wilderness, running with the wolves?  Or is that a metaphor for just being free?  What is the light?  A new sun?  Death?  Happiness?

I’ve listened 6, 7 times, not sure, and each time I think I got it, it just gives you more.

The music is Cloud Cult, it’s also acoustic, tribal, electric, and even a hint of rap-rock (see “The Battles – Room Full of People In Your Head”).  The album goes everywhere!  Robotic autotune-like voices, whispers, yelling, to just lovely and pretty….

A happy and wonderful surprise!  I really do love it!  YAY!

1. The Mission: Unexplainable Stories
2. The Departure: Today We Give Ourselves to the Fire
3. The Invocation (p.1) – You’ll Be Bright
4. The Birth
5. The Baby – You Were Born
6. The Lessons – Exploding People
7. The Interference
8. The Battles – Room Full of People in Your Head
9. The Escape – Running With the Wolves
10. The Acceptance – Responsible
11. The Surrender – Guessing Game
12. The Strength – Forces of the Unseen
13. The Invocation (p.2) – Blessings
14. The Awakening – Dawn
15. The Contact
16. The Arrival – There’s So Much Energy In Us

Some Cloud Cult love!   Myspace | Official | BUY!

And while we are at it… Some old viddy vids!



3 comments for “I’m off the phone & I’m listening to Light Chasers by Cloud Cult!!!

  1. July 21, 2010 at 12:25 PM

    i was so upset with it. i really loveeeee all other cloud cult, but this was too spacey crystal-rock-and-intense-psychiatry bullshit to me.

  2. July 21, 2010 at 12:26 PM


  3. July 21, 2010 at 12:33 PM

    I hear ya, and I get ya……. but maybe it’s all those years listening to rainbows & unicorns & spaceship prog that made this one almost seem earthy! lol!

    These guys are tree-hugging hippies, I knew that going in, so….. I think that helped.

    I admit though, their last album, dealing with death of someone close to them, carried a bit more depth and beauty.

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