I Heart You, but I Heart California is by Admiral Radley

Photography by redpolaroid

Well, it may have been a short work week, but man did they cram alot in these 3 days!  My response to that?  Let’s cram as much as we can in the weekend, amirite?  Bike rides & photoshoots galore for me, meanwhile TsuruBride industries continues it’s amazing success unabated!  In fact, Baby’s asked me to re-install her very own blog outside all that tumblrin’ and twitterin’ and facebookerin’.  It’s just a static page for now, but I’ll see if I can get that bad boy up and running this weekend.

Okay…  Time for the music and I couldn’t ask for a better album to send out our week.  Something golden, eclectic, and generally pretty awesome, i.e. I Heart California by Admiral Radley!


Every review and their mother will talk about the Grandaddy and Earlimart collabo action that this album is, BFFs 4ever and what not.  That’s great and all, and yeah, we are fans of both the bands and, maybe even more so, Jason Lytle solo style (hint, check out No. 14), but what good is a two-group “super group” if the album blows monkeys?  I don’t care who you are or what band your in if your collabo sucks, right?

Well, no worries.  The album is fucking brilliant.  Possibly more fucking brilliant than their respective day-job bands.  It’s inconsistent in a wonderful way, hopping from genre & sounds like an ADD 6 year old, but somehow (maybe it’s the Cali-theme) maintain a hint of glue to keep it together.   You got a very Lytle (including a breathy “yeeeah”) lead-off title track that drops into a sweet yet rambunctious, near-Wilco-esque “Ghost Of Syllables”, to a driving “Suburb Kids” that sounds like it wants to be on the new Arcade Fire album,  before chillin’ back down to the lovely vocaled (is that a word? should be) “Lonesome Co.” that sounds like it belongs on an AM radio from way back in the 70s, while sitting by the pool on a rather warm summer day.  And on it goes from there.  Just as you think they’ve gone quiet and old school for good “Red Curbs” dirty guitar kicks in.

As Lytle might say, “Yeaaah”!

Very nice, very nice…  Okay, time to go wrap this week up, put a bow on it.  So, have a wonderful weekend, everyone, go bike riding, take lots of pictures, have fun, but for now, load up a little Admiral Radley & enjoy!


1. I Heart California
2. Ghosts Of Syllables

3. Sunburn Kids
4. Lonesome Co.
5. The Thread

6. Red Curbs
7. I’m All Fucked On Beer
8. Ending Of Me
9. G N D N
10. Chingas In The West
11. I Left U Cuz I Luft U

Some Admiral love: Myspace | Official



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