First Wolf Parade at Terminal 5, New York on 7/13 and now Flaws by Bombay Bicycle Club? Hot diggity!!!

Photography by brambura..

Wow… what a trip! As far as business trips go, considering the standard is long overseas trips of a week or two, spending days in less-than-awesome factory-type settings all at once alone & surrounded by thousands of people, this week’s was pretty sweet.

A quick flight to NYC, a trade show, a Wolf Parade concert with an old friend, more trade show action the next day, then a delayed but still, super quick flight back to CMH. Check. DONE!

What? Yeah, that’s right, for once, instead of either a) a boring meal with a business person or b) sitting in a hotel doing work emails, I was able to get my ass up and make the trek down to a shitty little venue called “Terminal 5” in Upper/Lower East/West/South/North-side etc of the city (yeah, I don’t really keep up with all that), buy an extra ticket off a girl as I walked to the place for $20 (one of her friends didn’t show), pop in, get a beer, meet up with an old friend who moved to NY and told me on the Facebooks that the show was even occuring, and watch a pretty solid concert!

Not bad for an overnighter, eh? You can see tons of photos from the show from fellow bloggy blogger Will at We All Want Someone To Shout For (looks like he made his way up front in the stagnant aired venue to snap a few close ups, and by few, I mean about 1,000) as well as a slightly star-struck and up close concert review. ;) His mobile internettal devices weren’t working so hot in the venue, so alas, no meet up between bloggers was to occur.

Anywhosals, for a different perspective, i.e. from a dude who chilled more in the back, here’s my quick review…

It was a bit of a walk from 29th street over to Teminal 5, but considering the time and my inclination, I was up for the walk, take in a few sights & sounds of the city that seemed at once chocked up in 80s decadence and a decaying mess. Besides, it was a chance to test out that new camera app on my new Samsun Moment phone Sprint dropped on me (more on that a different day), so why not?

So, the show… First up, a band called Zola Jesus. Hindsight word is that they are good, even the great big blog in the sky Pitchfork likes them or something? Well, can’t say I heard the album, but in concert, it’s 2 dudes on keyboards (one channeling one of the Buggles), and a woman with an amazing voice literally pacing the stage like a cage polar bear in midwestern zoo. The songs were a bit samey and you got the sense that Zola were really feeling, not only the importance of every word in every lyric, but also the dramatic chord changes as the dude in the Batman t-shirt, well, when that left hand came down on that keyboard, oh… he FELT it.

Next up? Moooooooools (quantity of o’s may be off). A band out of Japan that’s been around since the mid-90s! First the bad, the lead-singer couldn’t hit a note to save his life… oh my. The good? I could care less because these guys were brilliant! It was like some unholy demon spawn of Rush & Pixies from Japan! And yeah, it was all in Japanese, not that it mattered because 1) THEY ROCKED and 2) the venue’s sound is so bad, making out what any band said at any given time was like, well, let’s just say I can relate to Anne Sullivan now. Look it up!

Finally, the reason for the season, the défilé de loup (sorry, been watching the Tour de France, think I’m picking up a few words). One word, no, make that two: Solid! Rockin’! Yep, they played songs from all the albums, of course, and the fans went the giddiest over anything from Apologies, I went the giddiest over anything from Zoomer, and Cave-O-Sapien from Expo was sweet biscuits. Everything was sped up a bit and amped up a bit, I think the hot venue was getting to them too. By the time we got to “Kissing The Beehive”, they were going so fast, I think they condensed the song down to 1:53? I may be off a few minutes as, for a finale, it doesn’t get much better than “Beehive”. Very solid! A light 4 out of 5 wheelies!

The only bad thing was the venue. Terminal 5 pretty much sucks. Stagnant air, really bad sound, and REEEALLY bad sound. Voices were a muddled mess, Krug’s keyboards, sometimes you heard, sometimes you didn’t, and the flat dance-floor style set up (looks like it was once a shitty disco) is really not conducive for actually “seeing” the band. I’m just thankful, once again, I’m not a average heighted woman. I imagine paying good money to look at a stoic dude’s sweaty back as he strokes his puby beard isn’t the pinnacle of their concert experience.

Here’s what they played per Will (Sorry, I don’t write these things down) and some fan vids from youtube:

Soldier’s Grin
What Did my Lover Say? (It Always Had To Go This Way)

Palm Road
Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts
Ghost Pressure
In the Direction of the Moon
Fine Young Cannibals
This Heart’s on Fire
I’ll Believe in Anything
Little Golden Age
California Dreamer
Pobody’s Nerfect

Cloud Shadow on the Mountain

Shine A Light
Kissing the Beehive

Good show… If they come your way, check ’em out!

Okay, enough about sweaty men (oh, the spam I’ll receive now), let’s talk about some new music that filled my ears during my illustrive time at the clustercuss known as JFK airport. That’s right, I’m talking about Flaws by the Bombay Bicycle Club!


Funny, I don’t remember these guys being so tender last time we romped through their musical offering, yet here we are as Flaws, though not flawless, strums along acoustically, finger-plucking their way into the quiet lonely heart of a traveling man. No, it’s not some Fleet Fox / Bon Iver wanna-be situation, it’s just beautiful music, heartfelt, and, well, tender.


1. Rinse Me Down
2. Many Ways
3. Dust On The Ground
4. Ivy & Gold
5. Leaving Blues
6. Fairytale Lullaby
7. Word By Word
8. Jewel
9. My God
10. Flaws
11. Swansea

Ah, Some Bicycle love: Myspace | Official & some vids, “Flaws” & “Evening / Morning”!



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