Catching up with tsuruloosies!!! What the hell’s going on out there?

Hey man, been a while and in all that time, lots of shit has come down the pipe and into the hearts and minds of those who care about what’s currently in the pipe! I, not wanting to be left out in the cold and lead you astray, warshed up, on the shore, left dead & dying, whilst all the cool kids pass us by on this highway of intertubal sci-fi space canals, felt it was time and I was due to check in on the hyped up & hopped up pulse of los musica! Let’s pull up our wheel & hop to it! Here’s the latest and greatest, rated out of a possible 5 wheelies!!!


Best Coast – Boyfriend

yeah, we featured this album already…. loved this beachy goodness!

Cut Copy – Where I’m Going

Ooo….. A Cut Copy song I like??? Hot diggity!!! YAY! Bouncy goodness!

Dominant Legs – Clawing Out at the Walls

Hmmm… A bit too World Market for me. Not bad but… Meh.

Kisses – People Can Do the Most Amazing Things

1980s? Rather listen to the 80s

Madame Godard – Atlas 1977

Got a Vampire Weekend start, but then it gets going for real.  Light, fun!  I’m in!

Mikael Delta – She’s A Boy

Sorry… WAAAAY too serious for the mood I’m in.  Not today Mikael.

Movie Star Junkies – The Walnut Tree

WHEE!!  Fun retro goodness!!!

Panda Bear – Slow Motion

Meh… don’t love, don’t hate.  Fine I s’pose.

School Of Seven Bells – Windstorm

Lovely vocals! Nice everything!  Ethereal… Mmm….

Screaming Females – I Don’t Mind It

Hmmm………  Hmmmm…….  4 non-blondes + a bit of old weezer?

Sir Dandy – Jakarta Motorcity


Sputniko – Google Song

The google song, eh?  Guess a catchier title wouldn’t have conveyed that it’s about google?  I mean, they only sing “google” about 4,133 times.  Movin’ on.

The Body Lyre – Pig

They call me MR. PIG!!!!  Or maybe Mr. Cohen?  Cool, dark song… I smell mixtape.

The Clientele – Jerry

Hey… we like these guys!  New song, I guess?  Let’s see…. Long intro takes us to sweet vocaled Clientele goodness!  I’m in!  Very hot summery hazy feeling….. Makes me want to sit on the porch and drink lemonade.

The Kyoto Connection – HEAT

No more faux-80s please.

The Walkmen – Stranded

I think Grafista covered this one.  Yay new Walkmen! Horn-a-rific!!!  Mmmm…………….

Wet Paint – Dead Night

Wheee!!!!!!!!  Not too shabby dabby!  Diggin’ that bass-line baby!

Women – Eyesore

Girls, Women, and stuff. Who’s who? Can’t remember anymore.  Were there always band name trends?  I guess.  Let’s see what we got with “Eyesore”.  Kind of a muddled mess.  Not feelin’ this bad boy.  Sorry Women.

Well, that was fun, eh?  Sorry we didn’t end on a high note.  Been listening to Hard Drugs today, so if you want some good times, go here and listen too! Family’s almost in town, so I gots ta run! No promises on a post tomorrow, priorities, my friends. If not, have a great weekend everyone! Love & smooches!


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