Are You My Mother? by the singer who is not Neko Case… Kathryn Calder!!!

Photography by DonaRita

Thursdays seem to be my rough days, eh? Man… Well, started last night and continuing now while I eat my leftovers of cucumber & tomato gazpacho marinated chicken and sticky rice (Baby’s suggestion, delish!) is a wonderful little album by one of our favourite New Pornographer who, too often, gets over-shadowed by the power & weight of the other members of the “supergroup”, particularly & obviously, Ms. Neko Case. Yeah, I’m talking about Kathryn Calder.

Don’t feel too bad though, not only is she the softer female voice of the New Pornographers, but she’s also part of the Immaculate Machine, and now she’s got her own little album, Are You My Mother?, to add to her already busy resume!

There’s something sweet & tender about this album, I think a lot of that plays off Kathryn’s voice which is, well, sweet & tender. So, even when the music kicks it up a few notches into honky-tonk or rock land or what have you, it’s still inviting like a cup of tea & a nice blanket.

Now, I know, it’s a freakin’ heat wave outside, yeah yeah, but in our 90% air-conditioned world we live in, there’s plenty of space for Calder’s pop offering, at least in my ears!

Okay, time to get back to the grind, so load up the songs she’s got up on her website and enjoy!!!

1. “Slip Away”
2. “Low”
3. “Castor And Pollux”
4. “Arrow”
5. “If You Only Knew”
6. “Follow Me Into The Hills”
7. “Down The River”
8. “Day Long Past It’s Prime”
9. “So Easily”
10. “All It Is”

Some Calder love: Myspace | Official | Label



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