Twofer Thursday: The Runaway by The Magic Numbers & Crushes, a cover album, by Mates Of State!!!

Photography by Stephanie G. Love

Busy boy busy boy.  Work and dermatologist! YAY!  Why do I need to be naked in a doctor’s office for a little flat mole on my chest that went a little too dark for comfort suddenly & some dry scalp?  I’ll never know.   Well, a couple hours and a little scalpel later and I’m about 1mg lighter than when I came in.

I’ll miss you my little mole.  We used to pretend he was a third nipple, we even named him Larry.  Larry the Third Nipple.


But yeah, busy boy, got a shoot tonight for my Born In The Bottle Rocket series (link NSFW), in the dark, in the woods!  Wish me luck!  So… let’s get on with it.  Let’s get our Twofer Thursday a-rockin’!!!  First up?  The Runaway by The Magic Numbers…


Warm and fuzzy summery tracks from TSURURADIO faves.  Perfect for this rather warm and sunny day.   Seriously, denim & a chambray shirt, not my wisest decision.  Love this album, got a nice summer evening AM radio kinda feel to it, makes me want to be lazy by a pool with a bar-b-que rockin’ some marinated steak for a taco ninja party!

Download The Magic Numbers

I think these guys are major label, so let’s stick to the soundcloud I found, eh?

Site Player by themagicnumbers

1. ‘The Pulse’
2. ‘Hurt So Good’
3. ‘Why Did You Call?’
4. ‘Once I Had’
5. ‘A Start With No Ending’
6. ‘Throwing My Heart Away’
7. ‘Restless River’
8. ‘Only Seventeen’
9. ‘Sound Of Something’
10. ‘The Song That No One Knows’
11. ‘Dreams Of A Revelation’
12. ‘I’m Sorry’

Magic Number love: Myspace | Official A fan site

Next up?  A covers album by umber-hipsters Mates Of State called Crushes!

Yes, looking at that cover, it’s hard to love these guys who seem to be so in love with themselves (I think my mom had those glasses back in the 80s).  These indie-hipster-darling etcs pulled what is often considered to be the laziest album one can put out and, conversely, the toughest, a covers album… er, I mean “mixtape”?

Really?  C’mon man, mixtapes are my domain!  lol.

Anyway, we’ve discussed the ease & challenges of cover albums before, but how did the Mates Of State fair? fare? whatever?  Well, it’s here so you know how I feel about it.  I like it!  Did they take someone else’s song and make it their’s?  Simple drums and synth and male-female vocals, check?  Check.  Yep.  Did they pick a selection of vintage gems and modern indie to cover?  Check. Yep!  If you were unfamiliar with the song and heard it for the first time would you think it was a Mates Of State song?  Check. Yep!

I don’t necessarily think a whole album was necessary (necessarily, that is), but there are some wonderful re-interpretations in here that will be nice additions to future mixtapes and for that, you can never be too disappointed, eh?

Eh, indeed.

Download Mates Of State

1. Laura (Girls)

Mates of State – Laura (Girls) by cadavresexquis

2. Son et Lumiere (The Mars Volta)
3. Sleep the Clock Around (Belle & Sebastian)
4. Technicolor Girls (Death Cab for Cutie)
5. Long Way Home (Tom Waits)
6. Love Letter (Nick Cave)
7. Second Hand News (Fleetwood Mac)
8. 17 Pink Sugar Elephants (Vashti Bunyan)
9. Roller Coaster Ride (Dear Nora)
10. True Love Will Find You in the End (Daniel Johnston)

Mates Of State love: Myspace | Official | Label

Alright, sorry so quick, but we got the important stuff (aka, the music) up and discussed (rather poorly).   Busy night ahead, see you tomorrow!  Cheers!


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  1. Pretty
    August 3, 2010 at 6:13 PM

    Ann, take The Magic Numbers mp3s here, The Pulse(!), hurt so good, forever lost etc

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