TSURURADIO & HEAVY PERCUSSION Present… Katie And The Monkey Man Collabo Mixtape!!!

All photography by Baby!!! Thanks sweetie! I love you!

Happy Friday to you de’re!  Man are you in for a treatsies today…. Something rare and special out here in musical bloggy blog land, I hope you are ready, because if not, you may just crap yer pants.  You see, a little bit ago, on the twitters & later on the tumblrs, I was fortunate to make an the acquaintance of fellow music freakazoid & Columbus resident Katie over at HEAVY PERCUSSION. Now that in and of itself is pretty awesome-o as she is pretty awesome-o, all it takes is one little gander over at her site and, outside her incredible music taste, you also find, oh, I’d say about…. 1,032,941 or so interviews with bands!

How does she do it?

No clue.  My only live (i.e. recorded then transposalnated) interview with the infamous Super Desserts (infamously delicious that is) was about 40 MS Word pages long before I was able to edit it down to 38.

ANYWHOSALDOSALS…. To make a long story short (too late!), a bit o’ twitterin’, a bit o’ emailerin’, a bit o’ mixtaperin’, a bit o’ hangerouterin’ and before you know it, Katie & I had built us a sweet ass mixtape collaboration!!!  Here we are discussing the finer points of our mixtape awesomeness…

Awesome.  ;)

Mixtapes are a precious thing to me, collabo mixtapes are just dirty with all it’s intermingling and whatnots.  The way we did this was, we each took a side, me Side A, Katie Side B, we each got about 40 minutes to bring the heat, new, old, local, not so much, whatever our little blogger hearts desired, and the end results (if I do say so myself) are pretty fucking awesome!

Word of the day apparently? “Awesome”.

Katie, thank you so much for being such a good sport and thank you x1000 for making a mixtape with me!!!  Now, my dear readers, it’s your turn to a) push play down below and soundtrack what is hopefully a wonderful Friday and b) head over to HEAVY PERCUSSION and get yerself one hell of an amazing blog to follow along with and, as always, if you hear something you like, go buy the damn thing as….

TSURURADIO & HEAVY PERCUSSION Present… Katie And The Monkey Man Collabo Mixtape!!!

Can I get a woot?


That’s better.  Can I get a hells yeah, dawg?

HELL’S YEAH DAWG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ooo… not sure I like that one as much…  Tell you what, let’s just do this!


1. Trains Across The Sea – I Will Meet You There
2. Menomena – Queen Black Acid
3. Suckers – You Can Keep Me Runnin’ Around
4. Beat Radio – Evangeline
5. Young Man – Home Alone
6. The Kyle Sowashes – Free Ride + Free Ride (Reprise)
7. Sounds On A Prague Subway by Tsuru
8. Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
9. Frank Black – Headache
10. Maps & Atlases – Israeli Caves
11. Noah & The Whale – Blue Skies (Sorry Justin)
12. Super Desserts – Wicker Chair or What Happened To Steve In The Imaginary Menagerie


1. Monster Rally – Suns Hula
2. Girls – Darling
3. The Spooks – Sleepy Sleepy
4. Brit & The Cavalry – Melt into Flames
5. Amazing Baby – Roverfrenz
6. Bear in Heaven – Lovesick Teenagers
7.Phantogram – When I’m Small
8. BOAS – Remains (Creaching)
9. Here We Go Magic – Casual
10. Wild Nothing – Bored Games
11. Love Culture – Ocean Ocean
12. Lands & Peoples – In Living Color

Have a great weekend everyone! Take lots of pictures & go ride your bikes and we’ll see you all before long!!


Aaron… Well, and Katie!

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