Songs From Impending Leaks: In The Dirt by S. Carey

I read about Sean Carey (or S. Carey) this morning and must admit that I have never heard of him. He plays drums and piano for Justin Vernon aka Bon Iver and has his own record coming out. In The Dirt is an impressive song with its repetetive percussion sounds and layered vocals.

All We Grow is out 8/24 via Jagjaguwar

In The Dirt – S. Carey

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1 comment for “Songs From Impending Leaks: In The Dirt by S. Carey

  1. June 6, 2010 at 3:15 PM

    I will always dig this style of music. It is extremely older/classic Bon Iver in style and honestly could be interchangeable with something Justin was responsible for, imho.

    I think as much as Bon Iver did in that pivotal indie album “For Emma…” I don’t think people are “copying/emulating” him as much as the sound was going to happen regardless. He may have been a mainstream indie catalyst for giving opportunity to others who carry a similar sound, and for that I will always be a fan of Bon Iver, and soon to be a card carrying member of the Sean Carey fan club.


    Thx Graf!


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