On Vacation….

Well, mixtape battles were fought, meetings had, work completed, emails sent, computers logged off, , and now it’s time for Baby & I to go on a little holiday.  From Columbus to Vancouver by plane, to Banff & Lake Louise through the Canadian Rockies by train, to Calgary & Sled Island by automobile, and finally back home via another plane.

Pretty epic, if I say so myself.  We’ll be back with hot new posts on Monday, July 5th and until then I’ll be checking in on the Twitters, Facebooks, and in our beloved Society:

Our Society

And, if there’s some down time, we see if we can get some trip photos up for you here, or there, or somewhere!  But, we’ll see.  Of course, keep an eye out for posts by the wonderful contributors to our little TSURUNATION over on the side bar to your right!  Okay, that’s it!  So with this and all of that, we’ll let the Beatles bid you adieu!

Tsuru & The Bride

1 comment for “On Vacation….

  1. adventurerneil
    June 26, 2010 at 12:54 AM

    Have fun!

    And don’t worry, we won’t trash the blog TOO much whilst you and baby are gone. :P

    Maybe just 1 kegger?

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