It may not be old school, but it’s on for tonight! Twee As Folk by Super Desserts!!!

Photography by Georgianna

Bloggerin’ can be kind to a man sometimes.  Don’t get me wrong, bloggerin’ ain’t easy — BLOG-LIFE! — but it has it’s perks.  You remember the other week when we presented our monumental insanely massive Super Desserts Interview with Accompanying Mixtape???  Do you?  Well, the other day Justin gave me a little sneak peak at there brand new upcoming album!!!  Now I know it’s Old School Week, and we got more old schoolness coming your way, but look…. Tonight, we are going to Wholly Craft to check out the new release performance they are putting on and I’d be lying if I didn’t tell that THIS is what I’m listening to right now….. Their new album Twee As Folk!

Yep, don’t let the proggish song titles confuse you, they are still twee…. Twee as fuck!  Not too much as changed from Banjo Forever, you still have an acoustic affair of short, saccharine sweet sweet songs filled with choir type singing and all kinds of stringed and wood-winded instruments, as well as the occasional foot-stomp.

This time around, though I fell in love with them on their last album, they do seem a smidge tighter.  Not sure what it is but the arrangements & melodies & bucket-full of voices feels sharp! Listen to “Ghost Song” from Banjo Forever, then listen to “Hey Operator” below and maybe you’ll catch what I’m pitchin’?

Huh… A baseball analogy? How random.

I think I’m actually liking this album more!  Mmmm…….. tweelicious.  Though, I’m still holding out for a twog (twee meets epic 10 minute progginess) album in their future.  Justin?  Eh??  EH??????

Anywhosaldoosal….. Like I said above, they’ll be releasing their new album & playing tonight at Wholly Craft up on High Street here in Columbus, OH, so if you are in the neighborhood, get yer twee on, get yer craft-purchasing on — seriously, best local-handmade store in the city! — and say allo! So listen now and I hope I see you tonight!

1. Hey Operator, or A Tempest, a Shipwreck, an Earthquake
2. Missy Madame, or I Sing the Body Acoustic
3. Give Your Mom a Call, or The Sorcerer has been Stealing the Dreams of his Slumbering Siblings

4. Boy with Hearts for Hands, or The Emotion is Carried
5. The Sorcerer is Draining Clouds of Orgone Energy by Manipulating Specifically Designed Unconscious Conflict Accumulators
6. Wicker Chair, or What Happened to Steve in the Imaginary Menagerie
7. Crush on You, or “Good Morning!” an Ode to Steve
8. Vector of Affection, or Everyone is Suddenly Surrounded by a Gyroscopic Cloud of Possibilities
9. Turn up the Sunlight, or Apropos of Nothing, Ship-shape Steve Slowly Sails His Sloop to Shore
10. What Else Befell Claude, Clara, and Steve, the Bass Clarinetist
11. Winter is Here, or While Wandering Through the Thistles, Claude Whistles for his Sister
12. Fall Down, or A Murky Meeting Wherein the Chorus of Disapproval is Divulged and Subsequently Claude Departs with the Three-Legged Unicorn
13. Margaret Yang, or There is Some Misunderstanding on the Proper Way in Which to Lace Steve’s New Shoes
14. County Fair, or How Clara and Her Mother Managed to Escape from the Summit of the Exploding Volcano
15. We Warmly Welcome Woodwinds
16. Bicycle, or While Claude is Removed, Clara Indulges in a Shady Piece of Provocation
17. Everybody Loves To Be Loved, or Brighten the Coroner Where You Are
18. The Leonids, or An Open Letter to Bass Clarinets
19. The True Identity of the Sorcerer is Revealed by the Count of St. Germain, the Charlatan

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