I’m speechless, it’s Homeland by Laurie Anderson…

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Apparently the music world heard about our Old School Week as Devo, Tom Petty, and now, obviously, Anderson have all made their new efforts to the world’s ears.  I love Laurie Anderson.  Ever since I first heard “O Superman” those many many years ago, I was smitten. But that was then and Anderson’s new release is now and is called Homeland.


Honestly… I don’t even know what to say.  The title of the post says “I’m speechless” and, well, I kinda am.  The beauty of this album makes you, at once, want to smile & cry.   Laurie’s ability to talk-sing & create, what can only be called, a “score” reaches up through your gut, underneath the rib cage & sternum, right up to your heart and, instead of just ripping it out like a common B-movie, she then pushes it up your esophagus & out your damn mouth.

Yeah.  THAT kinda speechless. The album is a lot, maybe too much, for me to digest fully in a single sitting, but it’s something special.  It’s like a 7-course gourmet last meal.  Hell, 5 minutes into the first song is more powerful then what most people do their whole careers.  Yeah, I love Laurie Anderson.

Think I’m going to eat a little more….

Now, this is Nonesuch, so I’m not really touching this thing with a ten-foot pole, mp3-wise.  But that don’t mean you can’t hear it!  Follow the following link and stream the whole thing now.


1. Transitory Life
2. My Right Eye
3. Thinking of You
4. Strange Perfumes
5. Only an Expert
6. Falling
7. Another Day in America
8. Bodies in Motion
9. Dark Time in the Revolution
10. The Lake
11. The Beginning of Memory
12. Flow

Laurie Anderson love: Official

And…. for old time’s sake, one of my very favourite songs, “Superman”…

Laurie Anderson – O Superman by sur-name


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  1. June 22, 2010 at 12:01 PM

    Laurie Anderson rocks, “O Superman” blew my mind upon first listen.

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