If you are like gasoline, I’ll be your spark… Boots Met My Face by Admiral Fallow

Photography by RedPolaroid

Well, it’s humpday, meeeeeaning only 3 work days left until our epic vacation from western Canada to Banff and finally to Calgary!!! Can you tell I’m excited? I can! What better way to keep on trucking toward the awesomeness of awesome impending weeks than some sweet new music from more artists I didn’t even know existed!!! HOORAY! This time around we got a little sumfun sumfin called Boots Met My Face by Admiral Fallow!


I love this album, it’s got this Irish folk meets indie-pop thing about it that just makes me giddy like a school girl. Add in the sweet backing female vocals to the wonderfully thick accented lead male vocals.

Oops… just looked it up, apparently they are Scottish. Is it offensive to wonder if a Scot is Irish? Is Scottish folk & Irish folk kinda the same? I’ve found myself in many an Irish pub, sippin’ beer and enjoying the foot-stomping jams, but can’t say I’ve been in a Scottish bar.

Or have I?

Oh well and anywhosals… here we are with Scottish band Admiral Fallow (previously known as Brother Louis Collective — amazing what you can learn on the intertubals, eh?).  You know what?  I think I’ve damaged this write-up enough for one day.  Go grab yourself a Guinness, pop a squat, and push play on some wonderful heart-felt, Scot-folk meets indie-pop, wonderful goodness.




01. Dead Against Smoking
02. Squealing Pigs

Admiral Fallow / Squealing Pigs by Conversemusic.co.uk

03. Subbuteo
04. Delivered
05. These Barren Years
06. Old Balloons

07. Bomb Through The Town
08. Four Bulbs
09. Taste The Coast
10. Dead Leg

Some Admiral Fallow love: Myspace | Facebook | Label



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