If this is dream pop, I don’t want to wake up! Get it? Yeah, we are listening to Boy by Young Man!

Photography by turuncuaz

Happy Monday to you!  This week is going to be nuts!  In fact, I wager these next two weeks before we hit our vacation are going to be chock full o’ bananas.  So, if I seem a little MIA — missing in action that is, not this:

— then you know what’s up, okay?  Okay.  So what gemtactular gemnautically delicious gem is gemming my bedazzled brain-folicals?  Surely the hottest album on all the hyped charts that chart the hypeness!! Yeah, I’m talking about Boy by Young Man, oh my!

Young Man, in case you don’t know — I sure as shit didn’t — is the band name for a guy named Colin Caulfield.  There you go, we both learned something today.  Apparently he’s been making a little name for himself doing some covers here and there (like the Ariel Pink cover in the video down below) and that’s all well and good, but man, let me tell you about Boy!

Boy is most likely set to be classified as ‘dream pop’ or something.  It’s breezy vocals & harmonies and dream-like waviness of sounds, it’s bound to fall in that genre.  Fair enough.  Listening, I do find myself feeling as if I’m in some kind of daydream but…  There’s something else there.  Something a little more tangible and earthy and real that I can’t quite put my noggin on.

Apparently it’s a concept album about growing up through the eyes of a boy, rather appropriate album title then, eh?  And maybe that’s why it seems more real than dreamy.  Dream pop with a meaty topic seems to almost take it out of the mind, out of the imagination, out of the air, and, much like an author, actually put the pen to paper, creating something to hold, read, absorb rather than just wake-up from….  Does that make any sense?

Regardless of the crappy words I’m using to describe it, in the end, it’s just plain beautiful.  So give you ears 30 minutes of bliss, 30 minutes to live through one boy’s life.


Boy, the entire album as one big audio file by Young Man

1. Five
2. Hands
3. Home Alone
4. Bedtime
5. Playtime
6. Just a Growin’
7. Up So Fast

Beyond Boy, it looks like he’s pretty active on Soundcloud, here’s some of the shares!

Only You by Young Man

Thoughts by Young Man

School by Young Man

Millionaires by Young Man

Some Young Man love (that sounded weird): Myspace | Label

Ah and check it… Young Man covering Aerial Pink:


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