hello from your new tsuruloosies cruise director + music swag for ya.


Hi. My name is Amelia and I will be your tsuruloosies cruise director.  Well now, this IS exciting! I’ve been scouring the interwebs to bring you a few tracks that are getting some news in the blogosphere and I do believe I have a few tasty  musical treats for you.
First up, The Dead Weather (which is the super-group consisting of Alison Mosshar, Jack White, Dean Fertia, and Jack Lawrence) has a new album out. The first single off the album, released May 11th in the US is “Die By The Drop.” I’m not a big Dead Weather fan, but I like this. The intro steadily draws you in through the first verse, where it blasts you with the chorus, and then backs down again to repeat the process. Woot.


Die By The Drop – The Dead Weather by sincelastdecember

Next is off Roky Erickson’s new album with Okkervil River. His first album of new material in 14 years. You can SO tell he’s from Texas. I know. I am also from Texas. Fancy that. Now, this doesn’t really sound like what you would expect from a pioneer of psychedelic rock, but hey. Whatever the man digs, right? Eh. I like Okkervil River. I’m not a big fan of Roky’s twang, but then, I hear too much twang every day.


Bring Back The Past – Roky Erickson by sincelastdecember

Lately I’ve been totally obsessed with Sophie Madeleine’s cover of Bob Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice (It’s All Right). It’s my favorite Dylan song (and I am a Dylan fan), and I think this is my favorite Dylan cover. There. High praise for my favorite chick with a ukulele. *nods emphatically* Hence how this got on the list without being blogged! Yes.


Don’t Think Twice (It’s All Right) – Sophie Madeline by sincelastdecember

And finally, my favorite little UK darlings (and Apple’s darlings, too, if you’ve heard the music on the new iPhone commercials), The Boy Least Likely To. They released an EP back in April that I have NOT found on the blogosphere, but it rightfully belongs there. Hence this. I actually asked the singer to marry me once, but it was over twitter and I don’t think he noticed. Jof, if you see this, the offer still stands! Bahaha. But seriously. Check this swag.


Happy to Be Myself – The Boy Least Likely To by sincelastdecember

Oh, and I almost forgot! The Eclipse soundtrack leaked. Florence + The Machine? Yes. Um yes yes yes and thank you for creation of this utter JOY. The only reason I accept that the Twilight series exists in the world is because their soundtracks are totally boss. Case in point.


Heavy In Your Arms – Florence + The Machine by sincelastdecember

There. I do hope that satisfies. Tune in next time to hear your [lovely] cruise director Amelia drone on about what’s hip and what’s hipper.


4 comments for “hello from your new tsuruloosies cruise director + music swag for ya.

  1. fulltext
    June 7, 2010 at 2:17 AM

    Very nicely done!

    All good choices, and I just love Flo

  2. Samsill
    June 22, 2010 at 4:49 PM

    Florence is the Machine.

    She’s like Bjork, but I wouldn’t feel guilty waking up in bed with her.

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