Epic failures & gettin’ back into new school as the TSURURADIO Community Presents… Mixitup’s Summer Mixtape!!!

Well, I don’t use this phrase often but the Tour de Cure turned into what can only be called a #EpicFAIL.

First off, let me say thank you.  Because of all of you, we raised $750 for diabetes research.  THAT is pretty awesome, in my opinion, especially considering how little we pushed it this year (I just wasn’t 100% that I’d be able to do it).  Again, thank you!  Okay, on to the disaster… I’ll keep this relatively brief, as I really would like to put this behind me now.  It goes a little something like this:

Saturday morning, wake up at 4am.  Examine my phone, do some math to make sure I actually HAD to wake up at 4am, decide to just HTFU and get up.  Coffee, internet, ride prepping, relaxing, etc. All good, sleepy, but good.  5:20am, ready to go, grab my back pack, hop in my bike, ride over to Tuck’s. Get there, throw the bike in his truck, toss in his, we head out, getting to the TdC at 6:15ish.  The 100 milers leave at 6:30, perfect.  Take the bikes out of the truck and guess what.  My bike tire was flat.


Take it to the mechanic, give him one of my tubes, have him change it while I go register.  Registration problem, they only had me for $75 (not the $750) which is under the minimum, meaning I need “special assistance”.  Well, the “special assistance” lady was too busy talking to another volunteer than willing to help me, but once she was ready, she had me fill out special forms, then sent me to another table.  They had me fill out a special form to get my number then sent me to another table where I could get my map.

Go back to the truck, pin the number on, throw map, food, extra tube, air, etc, etc, in my jersey, then run over and get my bike.  By now the 100 milers are long gone.  After a bathroom break, Tuck and I set out.

Map says to follow double arrows.  We see some and we do. Turns out those were the wrong double arrows, our’s were somewhere down the road (and yeah, they are all the same colour).  So, unbeknownst to us, we are following the wrong arrows and then it rains a little, then it thunders, then it lightnings & thunders more, we are out in the middle of open fields, then it rains harder and harder and harder and thunder and lightning and so on, oh my!  We see a shelter after we pass a small town & duck in, check the map and realize we are, oh, about 20 some-odd miles off course from the 100 mile route.


We wait out the rain, it relaxes, we decide to try to find our way back, rain kicks back in, we are shivering, freezing, soaked, lightning, cars honking & splashing, lost.  Duck into a self-serve car wash and say “fuck it”.  Get back on our bikes, and find our way back to the truck, no pomp, no circumstance, no cowbells, just dry truck and drive home. Just a disaster.

The end.

What a mess.  I still have the map, so we plan on doing the 100 mile route this weekend or next.  No registration, no set times, no support, just do our ride.  Done.

Yeah.  Not a good morning.  The rest of the day would be great, graduation party, yard sales, new tattoo, TsuruBride got her hair did, and Sunday was relaxing as all hell, but it’s going to be a long time before I forget about Saturday morning.  A long time.

BUT!  I found something to help!  I headed into our wonderful society of music geeks and found that mixitup made an absolutely wonderful summer-themed mixtape adding a cutie in a striped bikini as cover art too boot!

Doesn’t she look happy?

I can always count on our little society to, not only lift my ass up, but also bring back into the present.  Last week was old school week and after diving head first into my past, I found myself quite comfortably living there over the weekend.  Kinda hard to discuss new music when you are just trying to get your old REM on, eh?  Well, fortunately for me, mixitup brought the goodness, grabbing me by the ears and pulling me right back into modern world with this wonderful gem!  Here’s what she had to say.

While summer doesn’t technically begin until mid-June, it’s become something of an American tradition that Memorial Day weekend marks the kick-off of summer time. Here’s one I thought you might enjoy……

Short & sweet… The mixtape?  Absolutely perfect, just what I needed to start over, to bring me back, to brighten my day and start this week off right!  So how about we get this bad boy on!

TSURURADIO Community Presents..

Mixitup’s Summer Mixed Tape!!!

(Full Zip)

1) Zorbing – Stornoway
2) As long as it takes -The Isbells
3) Best Friends – The Drums
4) Follow Me – Ardentjohn
5) This Orient – Foals
6) Movie Screens – Midas Fall
7) When Your Love Is Safe – Active Child
8. Summer Holiday – Wild Nothing
9) Fall Hard – Shout Out Louds
10) Trouble In Mind – Erland and The Carnival
11) Not By Another – The Electric Pop Group
12) Beautiful My Monster – Husky Rescue
13) Walk In the Park – Beach House
14) Nothern Seaside – Motorama

See something you like?  Well, shit, go buy it!! Or maybe head over to Gemm and get the record!  It’s good karma!


3 comments for “Epic failures & gettin’ back into new school as the TSURURADIO Community Presents… Mixitup’s Summer Mixtape!!!

  1. Amelia
    June 7, 2010 at 9:22 PM

    looove it.

  2. June 7, 2010 at 9:27 PM

    What a fucking disaster. I got home and thought I’d lost one of my gloves too for about 2 hours, figured it was the perfect shitful end to a shitful day. Finally found it wrapped up in my nasty soaking bibs, so that was some good news!

  3. June 8, 2010 at 12:42 AM

    Aw snap! That ride DOES sound miserable.

    Wicked awesome that you guys are going to ride it again, though. Gotta love that determination!

    Viva la NO-FRILLS!!!

    Can’t wait to take a big bite outta this here mixtaperin’ skillsetz…

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