Calgary awaits, but for now, I’ve been listening to Been Listening by Johnny Flynn

Photography by SUPERSHRIMP

How you doing?  Me? GREAT!  I got my 80’s mixtape for Friday’s mixtape battle with Culture Bully ready to roll (just doing some final test runs) and it’s just a couple days before Baby & I go on our Epic Rural Alberta Advantage Getaway from Vancouver to Calgary, including a stop at Sled Island Film & Music Festival

…AND a chance to hang out with Sandy at Slowcoustic, my enemy (for the week) Chris at Culture Bully, and one of my favourite photographers, therealAARONDUNN!!!

Hot diggity, right?

Can’t WAIT!  Not only do we really just need a vacation, a real vacation, but being able to combine it with meeting friends in real life and going to some awesome festival is pretty bad ass..  But, that’s next week and we still have this week to do and man o’ man am I excited about today’s feature, Been Listening by Johnny Flynn!


Oh my, I loaded this up rather nonchalantly, without any knowledge or expectations on who or what these guys are and what I found was nothing short of amazing.  Johnny Flynn is apparently part of the anti-folk thing, though I don’t really understand how one can be “anti-folk”, but whatever, the result of that, uh, movement I guess is a dry yet super fun & beautiful acoustic-driven pop loaded with mandolins and horns and harmonies, almost like Noah & The Whale with a touch of early Decemberists and maybe the horns of Neutral Milk?

Nah, that’s probably too much comparising (is that a word?) with what’s uber-familiar with me.  So.. instead, just load ‘er up and make your own comparisons!


Yay major label… *sarcastic sniff*… yeah, therefore, ergo, no mp3s BUT, we found most the album on soundcloud!  Yay bands circumventing the scary major labels!

Johnny Flynn – Been Listening by cooperativemusic1

01. Kentucky Pill

02. Lost and Found
03. Churlish May
04. Been Listening
05. Barnacled Warship
06. Sweet William Part Two
07. The Water (Featuring Laura Marling)
08. Howl
09. Agnes
10. Amazon Love
11. The Prizefighter and The Heiress

Johnny Flynn love! Myspace | Official



3 comments for “Calgary awaits, but for now, I’ve been listening to Been Listening by Johnny Flynn

  1. June 22, 2010 at 10:43 AM

    Woot! Should be a blast to meet up with ya and Tsurubride in a week & a half!

    Oh, and that Johnny Flynn album is pretty sweet too. ;-)

    ~Sandy @ Slowcoustic

  2. margaret
    June 22, 2010 at 1:45 PM

    oh, this is just FANTASTIC.
    kentucky pill in particular is just off the chain, if i may be colloquial about it.

  3. June 22, 2010 at 2:17 PM

    I know, right? it’s off the chizzle!!! lol… but yeah, I love the whole album, so good…. so good.

    @Sandy — can’t wait!!! O CANANANANADA DAY!

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