But I do! I do want your body!!! The Five Ghosts by Stars..

Photography by iNeedChemicalX

Ah… lover’s rock is back.  The self-described genre label for Stars, one of those bands, you know, a tsuru-staple band, a key band in the history of Tsuru & The Bride, a band who’s release is a minor event in our household, one that, love it or hate it, I was going to have to talk about it.  Well, after a bunch of songs popping up on the intertubal superinfohighway of love canals and, finally, it getting the full stream effect over at the NPRs, it showed up on our doorstep and made it’s way into our ears and brainses…  Yep, we’ez talkin’ about The Five Ghosts by Stars.

I love Stars.  They are the kind of band that carries their hearts on their foreheads, love it or hate it, they have their opinions, right or wrong, and will gladly tell you how they feel with or without provocation.  Sounds familiar.

When I first heard “Fixed” I was a tad nervous.  Sounded pretty dancy and I was concerned the new album was going to be some synthy, drum machined dance thingy-thing.  Well, in some respects, it is. In other respects it’s simple, cute retro pop — See: “Never Been Good With Change” — but no matter how synthy, if there’s one thing this band is and can’t help but be is that “lover’s rock” tag they gave themselves way back when.

These guys vomit their hearts at every turn, every lyric, every over-emoted string arrangement…. I love that.  The world needs that.  As the world churns out music and technology and iPads faster and faster, where the “latest 4G phone” is already nearing obsolescence before we even established a 4G network, there’s a sense of apathy and commodity about everything we do, use, touch, and need.

Yet, Stars take me to my young teenage bad-poetry writing impassioned about every cause rocking my Amnest Int’l shirt self, every emotion, love, hate, war, all amplified by 1,000.  Thank you Stars, never lose your heart.


01 Dead Hearts
02 Wasted Daylight
03 I Died So I Could Haunt You
04 Fixed

05 We Don’t Want Your Body
06 He Dreams He’s Awake
07 Never Been Good With Change
08 The Passenger
09 The Last Song Ever Written
10 How Much More
11 Winter Bones

Vid time!  Here’s the “Making of 5 Ghosts” thing that went around and some classic gemmy gems!

And now, finally, some Stars love! Myspace | Official | Twitter



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