What? Yesterday wasn’t enough for you? Well, we got The Nameless by Cathy Davey for you then!

Photography by xrawrxdeex

What a day yesterday, eh?  Interviews & mixtapes AND a massive post of live reviews by Dorice?  Hot diggity dog!!!  It’s almost a big enough day to just close up shop and call it a day, amirite?  Go out with a bang, they say, and yesterday was bang-a-licious!


Ah…. but don’t worry.  The fun is only just beginning!  At the very least, we got ourselves a pretty big day to prep for on 5/28 when we face off with The Needle Drop in our Mixtape Battle Royale!

Oh man, the mixtape is already brewing in my head!  I can’t wait to destroy Anthony with vinyl mixtape aural nuclear explosions of goodness on a stick!

Until then, we got more good music to send your way and the latest new nugget to find it’s way to my ears ?  The Nameless by Cathy Davey!

I’m a little hesitant to even talk about this one.  1) It’s Irish and you know the IMRO are all over music like white on rice and 2) I think the label is kinda major label or something?  Well, I found some life videos and a soundcloud upload to share so from the album, let’s give this a whirl, eh?

First off, if I can be completely superficial, Cathy Davey… HAWTNESS!

Okay, moving on.

How to describe this one? It’s smart quirky pop, sometimes dipping into the adorable, sometimes into the theatric, sometimes into the retro naughty foreign film soundtrack — why is it when I listen to the title track, “The Nameless”, I want to watch The Sensuous Nurse?

Man, that movie takes me back.

Anywhosal…. I’m sure if Davey is reading this, her face is probably twisted into an adorable “WTF!?!”  Sorry Davey. Where were we?   You know what…. I think we should quit while we are ahead or behind or wherever the hell we are!

So, check this out and then just go buy it following all the delicious links below!  Also, if you are on iTunes, you can get the album that way by following her official page links below.  Also… added some videos to maybe make up for this fucked up little post.



1. “The Nameless”

2. “Army of Tears”

Army Of Tears by schlafshane

3. “In He Comes”
4. “Habit”
5. “Little Red”

6. “Happy Slapping”
7. “Dog”
8. “Bad Weather”
9. “The Touch”
10. “Wild Rum”
11. “Lay Your Hand”
12. “Universal Tipping”
13. “End of The End”

Some Davey love: Myspace / Official / Label / BUY NOW!!! / U.K. FOLKS! DOWNLOAD NOW!!!



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