Though the Vinyl Mixtape Battle Royale is happening soon, This Is Happening by LCD Soundsystem is happening NOW!

Photography by Sarah

Very excited…..  the first draft in our Vinyl Mixtape Battle Royale with The Needle Drop is done & under listening scrutinization!  We’ve got one week to make adjustments then glue it all together.  I’m pretty happy with it, but I do see two songs that may be out and two songs in my head that may need a chance, we’ll be experimenting more this weekend, WOOT!

5/28, Anthony is going DOWN!

But that’s then and even though then is what’s happening now, now-now is This Is Happening that is happening in my ears!!!

Did you follow that?  Good.

Okay, honesty time. I’ve never really been a fan of LCD Soundsystem. Nope. “Dance punk”, whatever the hell that’s supposed to be, has never been my genre. But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of music loverin’ and bloggerin’, it’s that you should go into every album you can with open ears, open minds, and open body cavities and that’s what I did when I first loaded up This Is happening a few days after it showed up on the World Wide Intergoogles (sporting a sweet pacman front page today, by the way).


But then something happened. This minimal thingy started called “Dance Yrself Clean”, some kitchen percussion and a slowly 2 note (I think) bass line. I was taken aback. I loved it. I thought, for a few minutes there, I had finally liked LCD Soundsystems! YAY ME!

But then the rest of the album kicked in and suddenly I was back in “Dance Punk” stuff. I liked it okay, but it certainly didn’t beat out everything else I was listening to and posting on. I’m not one to give up though, there was something there, something that kept me coming back and going again.

So I would and I’d get into it a little more, first the poppier less “Dance Punk” songs, then maybe that one or this one a little more but then finally, yesterday, with the sunshine pushing through the windows and throughs of bike rides in my heads, it just kinda….. *clicked*

The album is really fun! Now, this isn’t to say I love every song… I find “One Touch” to be pretty annoying actually, but songs like “Drunk Girls”, Dance Yrself Clean”, and the almost haunting “All I Want” more than make up for a single weak song. It’s got throw-back effects (a great example is “I Can Change” with it’s 80’s synthy goodness yum yum happy times yay!), it’s got nice juicy, fully fleshed out longer songs (always near to my heart) that clock in over 7 minutes.

Again… I got to say… I’m really surprised how much I like this. Even the Talking Heads wanna-be “Pow Pow” with it’s talk & shout repeat thingy that’s been done a billion times, it’s, man, just FUN! And, you know, I can’t think of anything better to close out the week and lead into my birthday weekend (fuck, I’m getting old), HOORAY!!!!!!

So let’s do this thing! Listen to some stuff below, go download the album, and dance motherfucker dance!!!


1. “Dance Yrself Clean”

2. “Drunk Girls”

3. “One Touch”
4. “All I Want”
5. “I Can Change”
6. “You Wanted a Hit”
7. “Pow Pow”
8. “Somebody’s Calling Me”
9. “Home”

Some LCD love: / Official / Label

Okay, let’s go have a fun weekend, eh?  Of riding, libations, and birthday celebrations! WHEEE!



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