The Handmade Nation Screening & Crafty Cotillion trunk show, a mini-vacation, tsuruloosies, AAAAAND a twofer “my” Friday with Grey Oceans by Cocorosie & Pink Graffiti by Secret Cities?!?! HOLY SHITAKE MUSHROOMS!

Photography by EVElution

Hey kiddos…  Well, it’s that time again, time for your boy to head down to sunny (and I mean S-U-N-N-Y) Mesa, Arizona to visit some family.  Now, I’ve got black hair and I’ve been riding my bike alot (giving me a decent tan), so I’ll make sure to take my birth certificate, just in case some cop decides that I might not be “legal”. Now, even though I might not be posting over the 3 day weekend (I’ll be back on Monday, no worries), keep an eye out for one of our other wonderful contributers to pop in (you never know!), and if that’s not enough for your greedy greedy heart, you can always come play along here:

Our Society

AH! And guess what!  If you are in or near Columbus, OH this weekend, the talented, incredible, awesome, and (may I add) S-E-X-Y Crafty Cotillion are hosting a screening of the documentary Handmade Nation as well has holding a Spring Trunk show on Saturday, May 8th at 3pm at Studio 35 (3055 Indianola Ave.).

The trunk show will precede the screening from 1-3pm. Arrive early to enjoy a beer and shop for the perfect handmade Mother’s Day gift. Participating Cotillion members include: AmyD, Crafty Beavers, Laura Stith, Maram, Mary Martineau, Mary Moon DesignsMiss Megan MacOut of the Pink SkyPoshta Stationery & DesignStinkybombSweet Stella DesignsTornangel012Tsurubride (YAY BABY!!!), Umbrella Girl ProductionsWhat the Rock?!, & Wholly Craft!!!

So, go buy yer momma something special, okay?  She deserves it… she raised your gnarley ass!

Okay, before we get to the new music, I was super surprised when I poked over to the elbows and saw that there was a whole slew of new hot & hyped songs on their hot & hyped list!  I was all like, “whaaaa?” and the interwebs was all like, “yah! I know, right?!”  So… with that means it’s time, once again & already, for our vaulted TSURULOOSIES!!!!

As always, we are judging the songs with a wheelie rating, maximum of 5 wheelies!  So, let’s get to it!!!

Books – Beautiful People

Okay, starts off with “Bohemian Rhapsody” in reverse, I think but then falls into a sweet little groove.  Nice.

Dom – Living In America

Hey! this isn’t a cover of that James Brown song! It’s just more dance music.

Korallreven – The Truest Faith

Amazon rainforest, tender. New age dance? Where’s that Yanni sample?

Pallers – The Kiss

C’mon people!  Snooze fest.  Let’s get this shit started already!

Phosphorescent – The Mermaid Parade

Not exactly exciting, but.. getting there, ish.

Wolf Parade – Ghost Pressure

Hey, the new Wolf Parade we mentioned the other day? Hmm… Not bad. Starts off meh, but picks up.  Not bad.

Wolf Parade – What Did My Lover Say

The other one, the Krug one. Better, yes… Better. Time to stop listening to WP, got an album coming out soon, and they are an “album band”, so no more singles, okay guys?

Okay… that’s enough of that! Let’s get on to our twofer (my) friday, first up, Pink Grafitti by Secret Cities!


Okay, this is for fans of Grizzly Bear and that other band by them Eagles something (can’t get it in my head, though I’m soooo close), as you have the same over all aesthetic of layers and harmonies and something bigger than it first appears going on.  Just ornate & beautiful, often haunting, compositions & harmonies.  When I happened on this album, was just kinda floored in the way it pulls you into a dream of sorts, not a carnival, but I’m having a difficult time getting the right imagery, but definitely an escapist memory trapped in the back of your head, only to come out when you are fast asleep.

Man.. what a horrible description. Sorry  Secret Cities!  How about we just let the music speak for itself, eh?

1. Pink City
2. Boyfriends
3. Slacker
4. Pink Graffiti pt. 2
5. Wander
6. Color
7. Aw Rats
8. Pink Graffiti pt. 1
9. Vamos A La Playa
10. The End

Some Secret Cities love: Myspace | Label

Next up? The Fugliest Album Cover Of The Year winner, hands down, Grey Oceans by Cocorosie!!!


Seriously ladies… what the fuck.  I get it, you are making a statement or whatever, challenging me and stuff. But, you know, how about just a nice photograph of something?  Give some unknown photographer a moment vs whatever the fuck that is.

Okay, regretful album covers aside… this album.  Oh my.  It’s kinda fucked up and at first listen it kinda reminds me of Laurie Anderson on drugs, but after a few times through, you get kinda addicted. A syrupy addiction, sticky, weird, and yummy.  Once again, I’m at a loss for even remotely proper descriptions.  0 for 2, SA-WIIIING and a miss!

Oh well.  I think the lead-off track, “Trinity’s Crying” and the single “Lemonade” really give you the range of the odd addictiveness. Check it out then go preorder the vinyl (the cover is much better, kinda)!!!

1. Trinity’s Crying
2. Smokey Taboo
3. Hopscotch
4. Undertaker
5. Grey Oceans
6. R.I.P. Burn Face
7. The Moon Asked the Crow
8. Lemonade
9. Gallows
10. Fairy Paradise
11. Here I Come

Some Cocorosie love: Myspace | Official | Label

Pretty cool, eh?  Well that’s it!  Have a great weekend, everyone!  Go riding, have fun, and we’ll see you here on Monday!

Cheers my friends & until next time,


Photo by me…

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  1. May 6, 2010 at 5:36 PM

    I love CocoRosie. I do. They always have that weird, “it’s-hot-and-sunny-outside-and-time-kinda-feels-like-it-is-or-should-be-standing-still” feeling.

    And their myspace posts are always fascinating.

    But that album cover is seriously fucked up.

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