May 10, 2010: The day we were all Twitter Equals! Or Twequals?

Earlier today, twitter broke.

Twitter had a glitch that was suddenly realized by blogs like Gizmodo that if you tweeted “accept username”, obviously replacing “username” with an actual username, you could have anyone on the twitters follow you… even Jim Carrey — though why you’d want Jim Carrey to follow you or why you’d want to follow Jim Carrey no matter how talented of an actor you think he is is beyond me.

Well, as suddenly a shit ton of users tried it — me included… my tweet? “accept gizmodo”, after all, they reported it, might as well make them tsurunation worshipers, eh? — twitter said, “what the f-” and turned off everyone’s followers & following numbers, setting them to 0 while they went out and fixed the glitch.

Now, at first, everyone freaked out. Me included… After all, it happened to me the MOMENT I tweeted “accept gizmodo”. Literally, clicked “tweet” and BLAMO! 0 followers and following.  Served me right I thought, but then realized I was receiving tweets and people were getting mine, *phew* just a coincidence that it happened at the same time.

*double phew* (not related to the double-U)

Life went on, people kept tweeting, occasionally someone would come online to see their 0’s and freak out, but for the most part, twitter-life went on…

But for fun, I went to Pitchfork’s twitter, then Hipster Runoff’s, then my friend Amerlia’s,  and finally to Ashton Kutcher’s twitter, all of them had 0 followers & 0 followings too of course, but it hit me.  This is beautiful.  For this moment, everyone’s actual numbers, which are basically equivalent to your twitter social status, your hierarchy, your influence & power, were the same. If The Kutch just happened to click my twitter — Ooo.. sounds dirty — he’d have no idea if I had 4,000,002 followers or just 2.  In other words, for that brief period of time, today on May 10th, I was could not be put in my Twitter Caste, we were Twitter Equals, of Twequals!

There is something beautiful about that, don’t you think?

Of course, the bug is fixed, I’m back to my number, and we will all forget all about this in about an hour or so, but yeah, for a moment, any & all of us could’ve & were kings of the twitterverse.

3 comments for “May 10, 2010: The day we were all Twitter Equals! Or Twequals?

  1. May 10, 2010 at 3:39 PM

    still coming to calgary for sled island? you should register for a press pass… would save you a couple hundred bucks.

    ps – commenting on old posts to communicate it the new “thing” (in my head this afternoon)

  2. May 10, 2010 at 3:56 PM

    sad i missed this. i could have been something! sleeping may have been better use of my time though :P

  3. May 10, 2010 at 4:07 PM

    @chris – Meg (tsurubride) & I are about to figure out summer travel, who’s coming here, where are we going, and when! I’ll let you know ASAP! And.. I like the new post/old comments… niiiiice…

    @ari – everyone was freaking a bit, but it really was kinda cool. What a nice statement it’d be if they hid the numbers for a week or something? It’s like tsururadio, with all the subdomain changes, new set ups, redirects and shit, only I know how many people actually come here and even that, I try to not know as best as I can (though, curiosity gets the best of me sometimes) and just have fun bloggerin’. I like the egalitarian feel.

    Funny… the internet was a kinda even playing field thing, not really, but kinda felt like it sometimes, yet, we keep building things that let us mark each other’s hierarchy! But hey, I play along too, don’t I, so I really have no room to talk.

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