itty interwebs: i’ll keep posting these if you employ me this summer ;)

Alright look, I was gonna post sooner, I’ve been a very good tsurukid and have been posting weekly almost on the day, but I’ve been busy okay?! I’m sorry! I’m 2-ish days late, but I was away! I was in the city last weekend having a ball and then boston until last night! Wanna hear about it?


Okay great.

Friday, arrived in Williamsburg at my uber chill crash pad (sister’s apartment, I’m almost cool…) with my buddy Doov. After laxin’ a bit, getting some falafel, stopping in some record shop, we made our way over to see Fuck Buttons at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. I really like this venue cause it’s pretty small and the staff lets me take posters. Also the bathrooms are sweet. ;) These are my priorities, hahahaha. They were killer and loud and dancey and glorious. Then I slept tight, napped all Saturday, and prepped for the epic and final NYC LCD Soundsystem show (although, Murphy said about 300 times that this would NOT be his last NYC show, so, take that h8rs). Walked around all day with my buddy Erf and unfortunately killed my feet before the show even started. Had to jump around a lot to make up for it. Holy Ghost! was…. Eh. I respect them, but I wasn’t into it to be honest. Thought the vocals were weak, amongst other things. May have been the fault of the big stage though, who knows. ANYWAY LCD SOUNDSYSTEM WAS AMAZING OMGAH. I mean, they were killer at Coachella when I saw them in April, but this didn’t compare. I’m pretty sure at my age (when it’s still socially acceptable to inch up to the stage and jump around for 2 hours, rather than get a beer and stand on the balcony), Terminal 5 makes every show epic. Anyway, the set was incredible, including a few tears shed during Someone Great (I can’t help it) and some Pow Pow fist pumps… (I can’t help that either.) Erf and I complained all the way back to the subway about aches and epicness, still carrying our finale balloons (and by ‘Erf and I complained,’ I mean ‘I complained’). Stopped and got a carton of OJ… I’ve never drank a carton of OJ so fast, it was unbelievable.

As always, I left my real camera at home (Srsly. Need a press pass. How does that work anyway?) but I did get a few okay ones on the little guy for y’all.

Blah blah blah, ari’s life, etc. Want some itty interwebs now?


Okay great.

Here are a few forreal itties that don’t need much explanation. They’re just funny/cute/funny, in that order.
Justin Vernon
Girls and Boys

Someone tweeted this the other day, but I didn’t write it down and just bookmarked it instead. So, dear twitter friends/bloggers, thanks for this one, and sorry. It’s a pretty straightforward and legitimate entry on why vinyl is sweet. Gotta say Tsuru is like my vinyl father – he single-handedly brought me into this world, and so I will help him support it by sharing this with you! You should like it too!
Why I love Vinyl (and you can too, amirite?!)

Best thing of the week? This short animation my boyf posted on my facebook the other day. It’s pretty much the cutest thing since my cat Tweebles and the sweetest since She & Him Vol. 2. It certainly melts my heart!
Crater Face

By the way, Champ might have leaked today and I’m just saying, you could, theoretically, find it on the internet somewhere to listen to to hold you over until you buy it on June 8, WHICH I WILL BE DOING. I haven’t finished it through yet, but I’m working on it and I’ll probably let you know via twitter my opinion soon. ILYTPC

Okay well I left my computer charger at my at a friends and have 23 minutes of battery left, so this is all from me!

Oodles of luv ‘n’ stuff,

ari (1 2 3)


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