I has a money. What I do wif it? New Release Tuesday, of course!!!

Photography by Genny

Hey… It’s Tuesday, right? So, you know, it’s time to pay up!  Time to reach into your coffers, piggy-banks, trust funds, savings accounts, under your mattress, or just steal from your dad / mom / girlfriend / big brother, get a few bucks and  head down to your your local record shop, browse around, thumb through the records & CDs, feel them, look at the album art, get an arm full of gems you know and maybe one you never heard before but think the cover looks pretty cool & buy them.

Who knows, like we said last time, you may end up chatting it up with cute sales clerk behind the counter with the tattoos and wondering where else they might have a little permanent ink, falling in love and living happily ever after spinning records until the end of time!

As you know, I’m personally not a fan of iTunes, BUT… if that’s your port o’ preference, go for it!  Insound? Totally great!

To make it easy, for you, to make it just a few clicky-poos of your mousy mouse, the following is a selection of some of our favourites that came — hehehehe…”came” — out today & a little Soundcloud action to show you just how much HAWTNESS it is / was / will forever be.

Cheers & happy shopping!


Infinite Arms by bandofhorses


THE BLACK KEYS- Tighten Up by katacultura


LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrself Clean by desborachos


Janelle Monae – Tightrope f. Big Boi by wspania?y


Marching Band – Another Day by IndieRockReviews

Ahhhh……….. now, don’t you feel better?


2 comments for “I has a money. What I do wif it? New Release Tuesday, of course!!!

  1. May 18, 2010 at 5:24 PM

    Yeah for the Black Keys! Aaron, I know you’re a little bit of a punk rocker at heart (I still listen to the Social D album you put up, like, two years ago) so you might wanna know there’s a free live album by Bad Religion released today via their website. What’s better than New Release Tuesday? FREE New Release Tuesday from a Punk Institution.

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