Hey Needle Drop, it’s ON like Donkey Kong! GO #teamTSURU, and twofer Friday with Beachcomber’s Windowsill by Stornoway & No Ghost by The Acorn!!!

Oh no he didn’t.

So yesterday I get word down the blog-vine that Annn-thuh-neee over at the needle drop was talking smack online about TSURURADIO and our mixtaperin’ skillsetz!  I popped him an email about it askin’, “Yo, wassup?”  I swear, I was totally sweet and kind.

But instead of having a little, you know mano-y-mano convo in private, he goes and takes his smacktalk to the twitter and, shiiit, that, my friend, is when shit gets real.

Now, some of you may remember last year when we got into a little scuffle with The 405 resulting in a mixtape battle where, in my most modest voice I can muster, we pretty much destroyed them.


I said it then, I’ll say it now….  I’m not a fighting man (or hang with fighting men), I’m a lover, but there are times when you just gotta “man up” and “grow a set” and other manly ball-tuggin’, dick-measurin’ slogans and stand up for, not just yourself, but for the whole goddamn TSURUNATION!


Aaaannn-thu-neeeee of “the needle drop”, — PSH! “needle drop”, hoooow oriiiiginalllll And “Anthony”, what? is “Tony” not hipster enough for ya? — I challenge YOU, yeah YOU & your shaved ass head & your youtubin’ “reviews” with your hands flapping around like a chicken trying to take flight & your, uh, I don’t know, let’s go with you headphone wire logo:


I challenge you to a MIXTAPE BATTLE ROYALE!!!!!!!!!

You love vinyl, I love vinyl, so you go make a mixtape from your vinyl collection, I’ll do the same.  You got 2 weeks.  On May 28th you present yours, I present mine and we let our readers decide!

That’s right!  It’s on like Donkey Kong play Pong smoking a Bong while shoving Ding Dongs up his hairy ass!!!


To get in the right mind set… I need to know the enemy, see the enemy, become one with the enemy, dream about the enemy — oh… wait, not that last one.

Oh yeah… we are going to wipe that smile right off his ironic face.

Now, some of you may look at that photo and not see the face of evil.  Well, here let me help you out.  I got this plug-in on my photoshop that takes the metaphysical data of images and re-presents the image in it’s true form.  It’s a little pixelated, but when I ran the above image through, look what we got:


And worse… Broken heart evil!!!!  Oh man.  I’m really going to have to step up my game!  Ant-nee is going DOWN!

#teamTSURU 4 EVA!!!!

*phew, okay, deep breath, calm down, breath*

Okay.  Now, it’s Friday, right?  I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling like a Twofer Friday is in order to start this weekend off right, eh?  First up… Beachcomber’s Windowsill by Stornoway!

If I’m not mistaken, this is their debut.  I have no idea who or what a Stornoway is but when I loaded it up and that gorgeous voice swept over me and the bouncing little bass and then the gloooorious harmonies….. oh oh oh my.  Honestly, if I had only heard “Zorbing” and nothing else, I’d probably STILL write about this album, the song is that mesmerizing.

But the whole album carries on where that starts.  Beautiful vocals, fun & infectious melodies and an almost (okay, this may make no sense as I’m not even sure where they are from) “Irishness” about them.  I think it’s “Fuel Up” that really gave me that feeling.  Makes no sense, I know but whatever.  I’m going with it.

Really sweet album.  Can’t wait to give this another 40 goes.

1. Zorbing
2. I Saw You Blink
3. Fuel Up
4. The Coldharbour Road
5. Boats And Trains
6. We Are The Battery Human
7. Here Comes The Blackout…!
8. Watching Birds
9. On The Rocks
10. The End Of The Movie
11. Long Distance Lullaby

Some Stornoway love: Myspace | Label

Woah!  We ain’t done yet!  We still go some Canucks to talk about!  You know I love me some Canuck indie and The Acorns’ No Ghost is a fresh out the oven butter tart!


Musically, it’s pretty straight-up, smart indie-pop/rock with bits of alt-country flavour crystals & a sprinkle of folk-sensibilities dropped in for good measure. In fact, yeah, let’s just say that, it’s just “good music”, the end.

Does music HAVE to be different? Can’t music just be wonderfully written and enjoyable, living in that basic “pop/rock” world without having to push the boundaries with bloops & bleeps from a homemade bloop & bleep machine?

I guess, what I’m saying, The Acorns keep it real and in this case, they keep it real good.  Niiice.

1. Cobbled From Dust
2. Restoration
3. Misplaced
4. I Made The Law
5. Crossed Wires
6. On The Line
7. Bobcat Goldwraith
8. No Ghost
9. Slippery When Wet
10. Almanac
11. Kindling To Cremation

Some Acorn love: Myspace | Official | Label

Okay guys.  I got some vinyl rippin’, mixtaperin’ to do this weekend (as well as some riding, looking at, if my legs will let me, a 3/4ths century niiiice and early on Saturday morning).

ALSO… keep an eye out on Monday for our Super Desserts interview with accompanying mixtape!!!  it’s taken FOREVER to transpose the audio to text, but I’m nearly done!



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  1. May 14, 2010 at 10:48 AM

    i hate when you know something before me. fuck. that said, yay stornoway.

    hearts, abby

  2. adventurerneil
    May 15, 2010 at 3:00 PM


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