Clickin’ through, group hugs, and New Inheritors by Wintersleep!

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Did you guys see Ari’s itty interwebs today?  She’s got a great downloadable essay on bloggerin’ and the music industry, et al, specifically in response to the viral-meme-wanna-be Chris Weingarten. I’m even quoted in it, as well as good friend Matt at Song By Toad.

Oddly enough, or maybe, coincidentally enough, over on my facebookerins, I got a comment written on my wall by a band we featured here a little bit back, Shabby Rogue. They just popped in to say thanks, that they got all kinds of song plays and whatnot from the post, just a bit more exposure than they would’ve otherwise while waiting around for the Pitchforks and Weingartens of the world to catch of whiff of their existence (I may be liberally paraphrasing a bit).  Pretty cool, eh?

I just wanted to say thank YOU, dear readers, for clicking through and investigating them and really any other band we talk about here.  We talk about what we love and knowing that some of you may go pick up their album, buy an iTune, or pop into a local club they are playing in because you heard a couple tracks a couple months back on our little bloggy-blog is pretty bad ass.  Thanks guys!

Remember, if you want to keep bloggerin’ happenin’, it’s doing just that!  Go love & support the artist you love! That’s why we put the linkies down and it’s pretty sweet to know that you guys are actually doing it.

Okay, HUG!!!

Oh my.

How about a less, uh, tan one, eh?

Ew. That’s even worse.  Betcha McCain cries everytime that photo pops up on line, in mags, or on TV.  Okay, how about one less white & less awkward?  Something with a TsuruBride-level of adorableness?


Okay, speaking of the music, on to it, eh?  Today (and actually starting late yesterday) we got New Inheritors by Wintersleep!

Now, not going to lie (why start now?) I wasn’t hearing the most awesome-o things about this one from some of my friends, so I diiid have my hesitations before pushing the play button on my stereophonic high-fidelity tape player AND recorder, but you know, maybe it was the 3 hours sleep yesterday and the rainy rainy morning — seriously, really rainy today, real rain, and wind, made for one epic bike ride! Felt all pro and shit — but this just settled right in my brain, perfectly, comfortably, and happily.

Musically, it reminds me a bit as if Nada Surf & Matthew Sweet had musical gay sex, confounding the laws of nature by procreating — that’s right “confounding” — moving up to Canada to escape right-wing Amorican stink-eye persecuting nay-sayers & tea-baggers, and birthing (which I can only imagine via c-section, otherwise, someone’s pee-hole is gonna be sore for a while) Wintersleep!  Well… at least for this album.

Juicy harmonies, straight-forward pop/rock, with a sprinkle of that alt-country or something, and finally a dollop of desire for the sweeping string-laden build-up.  Yeah. Just about perfect for a sleepy/rainy Tsuru.

*happy sigh*

1. Experience the Jewel
2. Encyclopedia
3. Blood Collection
4. New Inheritors
5. Black Camera
6. Trace Decay
7. Mausoleum
8. Echolocation
9. A Terrible Man
10. Preservation
11. Mirror Matter
12. Baltic

Some Wintersleep love for ya: Myspace | Official | Label

Oh & here’s the embed player thingy from their site for a few more track listenerin’s!



1 comment for “Clickin’ through, group hugs, and New Inheritors by Wintersleep!

  1. May 11, 2010 at 1:12 PM

    Hahahaha…. “Just wanna scoop ‘em up and eat ‘em!”

    The thought of you scooping up a sleeping kitten and trying to pop it into your mouth had me laughing hard. Thanks! :D

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