A-movin’ & a-shakin’ to Hello Ambition! by Coltrane Motion!!!

Photography by Silvia

Hey kiddos!  Busy boy here as Thursdays like to be for some reason, but just because I’m a-movin’ and a-shakin’ doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get some sweet new music to a-move and a-shake to, amirite?

Fuck yeah!

And what sweet hazy gem is making it’s way down my spine?  Why it’s a little outfit called Coltrane Motion and there upcoming album Hello Ambition!

It’s funny — also funny, I originally wrote “It’f sunny” just now… kinda think I should change it back to the typo — if I had read the write up first, I may never have clicked over to their bandcamp!  Datawaslost describes Hello Ambition as falling “sound-wise somewhere between Yo La Tengo and LCD Soundsystem – lots of hazy shoegazer guitar over noisy dance rhythms and crammed into pop songs.”

Now, I’m no shoegazer, and I consider my affection for the new LCD Soudsystem a potential glitch in the matrix, but by the time I had read that, I was already balls-deep in this album.  Yes, when the first track loads, you (“you” as in me, as the “noisy” & “shoegazer” really express themselves for about 5 seconds and like I said, not really my thing) may wonder what you are doing there, but quickly we get ourselves a sweet beat, a slightly-whiny voice (in a good way), and the thick as summer haze swirling off the pavement.

You know what I’m talking about, right?  The invisible waviness that emits from the tops of cars and the road on a hot, sunny, summer afternoon, distorting the light making its way to you from the other side?  yeah..  Each track builds from there, sweaty melodies & always the sticky haze — wonder how many times “haze” will show up in this review, think I’m setting a record — daring you to come out of the shade.

A nice surprise and a perfect for this warm & sunny Thursday.  Check out the two available tracks, sure, but really, go to the bandcamp link and stream the whole thing… loud!


1. When We Were Old
2. Maya Blue
3. I Forgot There Was A War On
4. Wherever This Is
5. Only Again
6. Terra
7. High Tide
8. My Heart Might Go On
9. Please Call It A Comeback
10. One Year From Now

Ah! And more goodness to share! Tour dates AND a vid for a song off their last album!!! WHEEE!

Thu May 27 @ Darkroom – Chicago, IL
Sat May 29 @ Northside Tavern – Cincinnati, OH
Sun May 30 @ South Park Tavern – Dayton, OH
Tue June 1 @ Bruar Falls – Brooklyn, NY
Wed June 2 @ Arlene’s Grocery – New York, NY
Thu June 3 @ The Red & The Black – Washington, DC
Fri June 4 @ Cafe Bourbon Street – Columbus, OH
Sat June 5 @ ACRN Lobsterfest – Athens, OH
Fri June 11 @ Stonefly Brewery – Milwaukee, WI
Sat June 12 @ Medusa – Minneapolis, MN
Sat June 19 @ Woodstock Opera House – Woodstock, IL

More Coltrane love: Bandcamp | Official | Label



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