A humpday quickie for ya… Gemini by Wild Nothing!

Photography by SUPERSHRIMP

Let’s make this a “humpday quickie”, eh?  Seems kinda appropriate for a day affectionately called “Humpday”, right? A little afternoon delight?  A little bumpin’ uglies before we get back to the grind.  Wait… That would be the grind before the grind?  I kinda like that.  So, what are we going to spend our spare 15 minutes on?  Gemini by Wild Nothing!

This is pretty cool.  It’s got a Cure (see title track), shoegaze, summer-pop kinda thing going on that pulls you in when the lead-off track, “Live In Dreams”, fades in with it’s dreamy harmonies & watery guitars, you just kinda float away.  That’s the overall aesthetic, hazy/watery/dreamy and slightly teenage-depressing in a way (think late 1980’s Cure merged with 2000’s Shins ala that movie Garden-something with that kid from Scrubs — totally blanking and quickies mean no interwebbal google fact checking, you just go with it! — and then take it and make it down in a basement somewhere with some cheap equipment and you start to have an inkling of what you got here!

Make sense?

Probably not, but our quickie’s done and it’s time to zip up and get back to work!

Live In Dreams

Summer Holiday

Some Wild Nothing love: Myspace | Label



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