TSURUMAIL: Balmorhea begins European tour today; announces additional U.S. tour dates

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Balmorhea begins European tour today; announces U.S. tour dates in support of new full-length, Constellations!

MP3 (cleared to post): Balmorhea — “Bowsprit”

Photo: Tamir Kalifa
“The band’s most concise record to date, Constellations never overreaches or demands attention. Its rich textures push it past the point of background music, and its gorgeous melodies serve as anchors for even the sparest moments.” – Grayson Currin, Pitchfork

On the heels of a sold out album release show in the band’s hometown of Austin and several successful performances at SXSW, Balmorhea (pronounced bal-more-ay) begins its European tour with Nils Frahm today. Balmorhea is touring in support of its new album, Constellations, a solemn meditation on the mystical and metaphysical, which is currently available from Western Vinyl.  Upon completion of the European tour, Balmorhea will support Japanese post-rock group, Mono, on a handful of dates throughout the southwest United States.

Balmorhea 2010 Tour Dates:

04.01 • Feinkost Lampe (Hannover, Germany) *
04.02 • Magnet (Berlin, Germany)
04.03 • Jaz (Rostock, Germany)
04.04 • Roepaen (Ottersum, The Netherlands)
04.05 • Paradiso (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
04.06 • Curieuze Neuze (Gent, Belgium)
04.07 • Cellule 133A (Brussels, Belgium)
04.08 • Bardens Boudoir (London, England)
04.09 • South Street Arts Centre (Reading, England)
04.10 • Ingleby Gallery (Edinburgh, Scottland)
04.11 • Captain’s Rest (Glasgow, Scotland)
04.12 • Holywell (Oxford, England)
04.13 • Escape B (Paris, France)
04.15 • Werkstatt (Chur, Switzerland)
04.16 • Bad Bonn (Düdingen, Switzerland)
04.17 • Alte Landi (Vinels, Switzerland)
04.19 • 007 (Prague, Czech Republic)
04.20 • Societäts Theater (Dresden, Germany)
04.22 • Haus 73 (Hamburg, Germany)
04.24 • Technothermical Institute / Louvain University  (Leuven, Belgium)
04.25 • Ekko (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
04.30 • Emo’s Outside (Austin, Texas) #
05.01 • The Loft (Dallas, Texas) #
05.03 • Launchpad (Albuquerque, New Mexico) #
05.04 • Plush (Tucson, Arizona) #
05.05 • The Clubhouse (Tempe, Arizona) #
05.06 • Casbah (San Diego, California) #
09.9, 10, 11 • Hopscotch Festival (Raleigh, North Carolina) (Set time and date TBA)

* No Nils Frahm on this date
# Supporting Mono

Praise for Balmorhea’s live show:

“Austin chamber-gloomsters cast a skeletal shadow over the reverent, still audience at the Presbyterian Church.” Christopher Weingarten, Rollingstone.com

“Their songs are what happens when a classical background meets an experimental spirit, making a type of music that many of us find inaccessible suddenly evocative and engaging.” Rachel Bailey, Paste Magazine

Constellations, the newest full-length from of Austin’s Balmorhea, closely follows the release of the group’s critically-acclaimed prior albums All is Wild, All is Silent (2009) and Rivers Arms (2008).  Constellations further showcases core duo Rob Lowe and Michael Muller‘s songwriting and attention to detail, establishing Balmorhea as a major force in contemporary American independent music.
Balmorhea’s previous album All is Wild, All is Silent (2009) explored the freedom and isolation of settlers learning to live on an untamed frontier.  It was an intensely physical album, dealing with the struggles of man on earth.  By contrast, their new album, Constellations, shifts our focus to the cosmos and beyond, meditating solemnly on the mystical and metaphysical.
The disarming simplicity of the tracks on Constellations proves that Balmorhea doesn’t need dense arrangements full of 180 degree turns to craft deeply affecting compositions.  More than just self-imposed limitation, the scale of this collection of songs introduces a sense of intimacy and perspective through their skillful use of space and restraint.
For centuries humans have distilled order from the chaos of the night sky, turning a collection of bright dots into the framework for giants of myth and legend.  Similarly, the tracks on Constellations serve as framework for our individual meditations on the wonders of time and space.
As the album captivates and inspires our imaginations by recreating the movements and colors of life, it often gives the listener the sense of being tossed about on the ocean, at the mercy of a reckless and merciless god.  Ultimately we’re left with the euphoric release experienced as one realizes, for the first time, that his fate relies more upon the teasing whims of the unknown than any design of his own.
Artist – Balmorhea
Album – Constellations
Label – Western Vinyl
Release Date – February 23, 2010

Tracklist for Constellations:

1. To The Order of Night
3. Winter Circle
4. Herons
5. Constellations
6. Steerage And The Lamp
7. Night Squall
8. On The Weight of Night
9. Palestrina

Rob Lowe – Piano, Guitar
Michael Muller – Guitar, Electric Bass
Michael Bell – Percussion
Aisha Burns – Violin
Travis Chapman – Double bass
Nicole Kern – Cello
Recorded and mixed by: Andrew Hernandez at Premium Recording (Austin, TX)
Mastered by: Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering (Boston, MA)
Previous Press for Balmorhea:

“Balmorhea flashes brilliance only to highlight a slow-burning constancy that’s at the core of one of the year’s early slow wonders.” – Pitchfork

“…they create minimalist, cinematic music that combines modern, experimental acoustic sounds with classical qualities.” – NPR’s Second Stage

“…each track plays out as a counselling session for the weary, dispensing affecting and emotionally rousing imagery like medication.” – Drowned In Sound

“…swells of Stravinsky, the mercurial keyboard majesty of Debussy, the triad-based romanticism of Arvo Pärt, the clangorous sensuality of Keith Jarrett…” – Pitchfork

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