I’ve got a mild fascination (with dancing, banjos, and REGINA!!!)

This post is mostly a thinly veiled/disguised/masked/mustachioed post to test out some mad youtube embedding skillz…    and here we go!

I’ve got a mild fascination for collectors dancers! SO FUN!

And also, I have a mild fascination for banjos! And hustling places by bike, of course.

…Are these songs starting to sound familiar? Good! Then you’ve been doing your Tsuru homework!

How’s about this one? Pretty darn great – I always *HEART* me some Regina!

…Yeah. I think that’s enough cute for now!

Oh wait. I was wrong! Lovers of the vast world of mixtapes will definitely not want to miss such an enchanting website AS THIS ONE RIGHT HERE. It’s like Napoleon Dynamite mated with Juno, who subsequently mated with Tsuru!! WEE!!!


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