itty interwebs: featuring the greatest thing this week!

Microsoft Word and I have been reestablishing our friendship these past few days. Currently tackling an English paper on Tristram Shandy, a media studies paper/presentation fighting for the benefits of the music blogosphere, an impromptu and also very late application to the language residence dorm on my campus (guess what happened this weekend! I was room draw number 897 of 912! My residence for next year is kind of on unstable ground right now…), etc. All this is irrelevant though, because it’s already past midnight on Monday (…well Tuesday rather…) and I’ve yet to publish this week’s post! Too much personal nonsense, not enough internet community commodities! (Spell check wants me to capitalize internet. That’s silly! *Ignore*)

Well, lessee now. I think I’ll start with this mp3 I came upon today courtesy of the greats over at Knox Road. It’s a Postal Service reference! Yippee! You can read what they wrote about it over there. All you need to know prior to downloading this is that you can get his (Sam Billen’s) whole new covers album, Removers, for free at his website and that he is this über talented musician who for whatever reason, doesn’t have a wikipedia page. Come on man! You’ve made it! Lets get those connex!
Sam Billen – This Place is a Prison

I don’t know how stoked you guys will be with this next tidbit. I think it involves two key character traits: 1. Appreciation of beards and 2. Appreciation of kittens. That’s all! And I have both of them! Thanks Jake for this one. <332452454433
beards + kittens or something

(PS. This one might actually be fatter than my tweebles.)

Tsuru told me to throw this out here on the itty interwebs after my tweet about it the other day. I am, like, totes a huge Wolf Parade fan, and… well… I mean, come on! I might just be a little bitter though because I never really got into Dragonslayer and remain loyal to Random Spirit Lover, BUT STILL. COME ON! Wolf Parade is NOT a side project! Wolf Parade is not secondary to no body! Respect!
Pitchfork being ignorant or something

I’ve got a pretty neat little animation to share now, shown to me by my buddy Josh. I don’t have words other than, you know, the usj: rad, sick, gnarly, cool as hell, rad as hell, sick as fuck, etc. (you should know by know that my vocabulary is limited to dated slang and curse words) Gimme some better diction in a comment perhaps?
Pixels by Patrick Jean

Alright, the greatest part of this post is OFFICIALLY about to happen:
remember when those adorable PS-wahtever kids covered “Lisztomania” a month or so ago?! Well they’re still at it and becoming even awesomer! This time they’ve covered Beach House’s “Zebra”, which is, obvi, the greatest song of late. (By the way, I have a Coachella lineup thing hanging next to my bed, and did you know Beach House is on the bottom line of Saturday? Isn’t that silly?) I particularly am in love with the enthusiasm of the boy around 1:56. Anyway, these kids and their teachers have been getting a good amount of well-deserved press, and I’m going to go ahead and continue to augment that by sharing it here.

Okay cool yeah bye!
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3 comments for “itty interwebs: featuring the greatest thing this week!

  1. adventurerneil
    April 13, 2010 at 7:35 PM

    Couldn’t get your cover to play, but damn, that 8bit animation is hawtsauce!

  2. arimyg
    April 13, 2010 at 7:49 PM

    hm, it works on my computer. :( you can listen to it over at the knox road post i linked too if you want!

  3. Lee
    April 13, 2010 at 11:19 PM

    :) thanks, Ari!

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