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I was just mentioning to Tsuru earlier today that you guys are going to be so sick of me once I’ve finished my finals. Right now I feel like I barely have time to post here, but man, when I’m sitting around all day for months in my east coast suburban home, you guys are going to have so much ari on your hands it’s going to be disgusting. Seriously.

I realize you guys got totally gypped (excuse my potentially slanderous diction) out of shit last week and had to read through all that Coachella bullshit instead of getting to see some awesome rando internet stuffs. So here is a collection of the stuff that I came upon this week AND last week,  so you don’t miss out on some of the mostly hilarious stuff I was dealing with 7-14 days ago.

So for anyone who watches 30 rock, you may or may not remember this scene where tracy mentions his Werefolf Bar Mitzvah song. Some friend of mine (I actually can’t remember where I saw it now… sorry for the lack of shout out) posted this Sims 2 movie video for the song. I’m going to just let you watch it and hope you find it as humorous as I do. I guess it will be funnier for those acquainted with the amazing character that is Tracy Jordan… and you should probably start watching it if you aren’t.
Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

Here’s a political home-state joke that will have minimal resonance with readers, but is still pretty funny to outsiders I would imagine. Rosa DeLauro is one of Connecticut’s representatives and this site is for/about her. It’s really worthwile to look at the pictures and read the captions. My favorite one references Kazaa. My second favorite references blogs only operating on weekdays. You readers ought to find those both funny also…
Rosa DeLauro is a Fucking Hipster

I heard a few of Inlet’s songs this past winter, and was upset that I couldn’t really find any other music by them. And then their first full-length Inter Arbiter was released this week! Horray! It’s pretty good, although Bright Orange Air remains my favorite. I don’t know how long this music video has been out, but I only stumbled upon it last week, so here it is! It’s rad!
Bright Orange Air Music Video

Grizzly Bear has a new song omg! I’m in college so I don’t watch TV… ever… (well… I watch tv on my computer, sans commercials, so what I’m trying to say is…) I never watch commercials! Fortunately I stumbled upon the 1billion mentions of this new lottery ad featuring a new Grizzly Bear song yesterday. Want to hear a humorous anecdote? “Yeah! Tell us ari!” Well as I was just searching for a proper video to link here, I googled “Grizzly Bear Lottery” and the first result was this.

Well… I laughed at least.

Anyway, here’s the actual commercial, via onethirtybpm
Grizzly Bear Lottery Commercial

By the way, if you haven’t seen the LCD Soundsystem video for Drunk Girls, which Tsuru already posted here, you really should go watch that, because that was certainly the best thing of the week last week.

Okay and my favorite thing of this week? Probably this new Tokyo Police Club that I can only link you to listen to at Entertainment Weekly *grumble grumble* I really can’t accurately describe the affection I have for TPC. It’s probably got a lot to do with the memories I associate with falling in love with them and falling in love with my boyfriend. *gushy romance gush gush*  A Lesson In Crime, in my mind, equals one of the best summers of my life (touring Europe, falling in love, lots of firsts, etc) so, I dunno, I guess I’m biased towards them. Also, I’m infatuated with Dave Monks, the vocalist/bassist. HE’S JUST THE BEST THING EVER. Anyway yeah so, go listen to that song I linked up there! Also if you haven’t already, download their upcoming album’s single!
Tokyo Police Club – Breakneck Speed

Okay that’s all I’ve got for you tonight! I hope you guys like the new front page. I think it’s super sweet.
Until next time, forever yours, etc
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PS. The Soft Pack played at my school this weekend. Here’s a picture from 2010’s Kohoutek Festival!

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