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Oh hayyy! Did you know that I played the super savvy TSURURADIO Coachella correspondent this weekend? Did you forget to follow my twitter or read … anything… on the internet about it? Do you just love reading me more than pitchfork? Do you like when journalists start articles with questions? (I really hate this. I’m sorry.) Fortunately for all persons involved, I’m going to supply you some of my opinions and rantings about this year’s festival, starting off with my twitter flow. Cause I was there! It should accurately capture my highs and lows, tears and laughs, ecstasy and exhaustion, excitement and crankiness, etc.  Also I’m gonna throw in some pictures my friend Nathan Freyman took on his super sneaky camera (they wouldn’t let me bring mine in :( tsuru, you should hook me up with legit press capabilities!) and also a few from my über lame canon p&s. booo.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: for god knows what reason, these are all in EST, so please mentally subtract 3 hours for each time stamp and be on your way.

  • on another note, I can’t sleep! too excited for today! ahhh coachellaaaaa! 12:46 PM Apr 16th
  • Yeah this traffic outside coachella is better than yeasayer, she&him, and rarariot anyway, amirite? #coachella 8:32 PM Apr 16th
  • Caught she and hims encore cover. Pretty cute. Super sad I didn’t hear more. 9:32 PM Apr 16th
  • Passion Pit is happy to be here, but they’re t5 shows in jan were a lot better. Sleepyheads on now, pc1 10:35 PM Apr 16th
  • He keeps yelling shit like “get crazy!” and “mother fucking awesome!” though which is lame to say the least. 10:38 PM Apr 16th
  • Grizzly bear looping clarinets on top of flutes on top of random acordian-like box thing. Pretty rad, too slow for a tent show though eh? :/ 11:30 PM Apr 16th
  • Just made the greatest call of my life leave grizzly bear early to wait for lcd soundsystem. I’m four people from the gen admission front.:) 11:56 PM Apr 16th
  • Lcd discoball says 350lbs on it in marker. I’m that close. 12:18 AM Apr 17th
  • Omg do I go to vampire weekend and meet friends or wait 50 minutes front row (basix) for jayz alone? DM me! Help! 12:39 AM Apr 17th (*btw, no one helped. I ended up waiting with my crowd BFF, Trevor, or something.)
  • Why is jayz having us sing wonderwall? Funniest thing of the day 2:56 AM Apr 17th
  • jayz brought beyonce out for a forever young cover. Pretty epiccc. 3:38 AM Apr 17th
  • Btw zero phone coverage here so mind the gaps or clusters or alltogether lack of updates 3:44 AM Apr 17th
  • So hot. So tired. Also, I love me some portugal the man but they’re set was uber bluesy & guitar jamming. Not my style man. Also no deaddog? 6:11 PM Apr 17th
  • Girls look like girls wow cool! 6:36 PM Apr 17th
  • Beach house I love youuuu 8:06 PM Apr 17th
  • I’m pretty sure there will never be a day that I stop liking tokyo police club. They’re bringing it on the mainstage, &I am so singing along 8:41 PM Apr 17th
  • Crowd shift from tpc to coheed and cambria was lolsworthy 9:16 PM Apr 17th
  • I heard edward sharpe and the mag 0s did some cute dancing & mic passing shit during Home. Sad I missed it, but so happy with tpc 9:21 PM Apr 17th
  • Congrats on adding white to oyur usually all black decorum, the xx! Now get your shit together and turn the bass down. 9:31 PM Apr 17th
  • My god the xx are so boring. Its definitely time for the dirty projectors. 9:51 PM Apr 17th
  • The size of the dp crowd in comparison to the xx is upsetting. Also, that suspender-ed makeup-ed man by the bathrooms may have been jonsi… 9:53 PM Apr 17th
  • Ugh leaving dirty projectors early to go to hot chip is the hardest thing ever! Just one more! 10:18 PM Apr 17th
  • Sorry for skipping mgmt twitter community, but I was hungry & tried! Also hot chip was incred as usj. Fact: wrote my college essay on them! 12:25 AM Apr 18th
  • #qotd “These guys know what’s up. Takin a break before devo. Allriiight” 12:48 AM Apr 18th
  • Local natives is blowing me away. I mean,I love gorilla manor as much as the next, but I never realized the awsm the harmonies & drum duets! 5:22 PM Apr 18th
  • OMG LOCAL NATIVES WAS AMAZING. I had relatively low expectations and I was fucking blown away 5:52 PM Apr 18th
  • Bradford cox making some silly coachella rhymes. In other news, that huge tigers blood slushie is giving me a headache :/ 6:55 PM Apr 18th
  • Deerhunter right now is the equivalent of the Relaxation Station at six flags. Straight chillin. 7:08 PM Apr 18th
  • I wonder how many bottles I can find on the ground and fill with the ice water that venders put their hands in all day before I get typhoid 7:27 PM Apr 18th
  • Florence was late but made up for it with her angel costume? Oh and I guess her voice is good too 7:57 PM Apr 18th
  • Cold war kids’ Nathan sang hospital beds with flo. Also jumping. Also amazing. Also on shoulders. Also harp. Also swooooon 8:15 PM Apr 18th
  • Jonsi, looking weird as fuck as usual. 8:59 PM Apr 18th
  • Jonsi has the purest voice in the world, even in real life. I think itd be worth putting to the text as an AIDS or cancer cure or something 9:16 PM Apr 18th
  • Wouldn’t it be epic if jonsi dove into the volcano? 9:21 PM Apr 18th
  • Thanks for playing my 2 favs first phoenix, but I gotta go see pavement! 10:37 PM Apr 18th
  • *insert tweet about pavement kicking ass cause apparently I forgot to.
  • Too upset by the thought of sitting in the camp grounds til 2 in time to sit in traffic for hours to enjoy thom yorke :( 1:03 AM Apr 19th
  • Swinging by the big pink in hopes of catching velvet or dominoes. So little hope left. 1:04 AM Apr 19th (*we did catch dominoes, by the way)
  • Thom yorke’s (ahem… Atoms for peace’s) 30 minute encore seems a little contrived…. Whatever, its basix radiohead amiright? 1:17 AM Apr 19th
  • Got out of the parking lot in minutes! I’m happy as a really exhausted clam! 2:08 AM Apr 19th
  • In-n-out was a fine finale to coachella weekend. So much awsm shit, but also so fucking pumped for bedtime. 3:47 AM Apr 19th
  • HOME. ZZZZZZ. #coachella 4:10 AM Apr 19th

Yeaaaah, it was a pretty great weekend overall.

Instead of itty interwebs links, I thought I’d instead give you a taste of Coachella itty-style. I’m just gonna mention a few minuscule facets of my weekend, and you will consume and enjoy them as much as you normally do with the mp3s, videos, articles, etc that I typically post. Mmkay?

  • The food. The food area at the camping grounds was not as terrible as I expected, aka, not as expensive as the food area inside the venue. There were loads of organic venders and I totally bartered a 2-for-$1 deal out of some orange sellers. It was awesome. I also ate a strawberry off the ground. Got some shit for that, but it was tasty so, props to the strawberry growers also.
  • The slushies. Saturday, the slushy was awesome. There were self-serve syrups from Blue Raspberry to Lemon Lime to Tigers Blood! You may be asking yourself ‘what the fuck is Tigers Blood?’ Basically coconut flavored, but red, and also hilarious (because every other flavor was a fruit… and this one sounded illegal.) It was the best thing ever though. Sunday, the slushie was not awesome. Gave me a killer headache, assumedly from extreme sugar overdoes. BOOO!
  • The volcano. I love the fact that I am so fucking detached from the world around me at college that I didn’t even know a ginormous fucking volcano erupted and basically killed off Europe. I only ended up hearing this huge news when bands started cancelling. “The Cribs aren’t coming? Thom Yorke is stuck in Iceland? What the fuck are you talking about?” That’s pretty much how my volcano ignorance was broken. Btw Thom Yorke not coming was a rumor. He did infact show up.
  • Misc. Band Members. I decided I really want to be that guy in Pavement (Bob Nastanovich) who doesn’t really play an instrument but just fucks around with a bunch of random shit. First of all, he was kickass. Second, I’m talent-illiterate so being good and random easy shit would be great for me. Thanks for the new aspirations, Pavement!
  • 3 Day Passes. Look, I really would have rather only gone one day, saved $200, not died of exhaustion, etc. But in retrospect, it was worth it at least this one time. The camping experience is definitely something everyone should try. Also, in and outs were really awesome. Being able to come back to camp and make dinner fo’ free was really pleasant. But still, fuck you Coachella for being so fucking expensive.
  • Coachella. Seriously though, fuck Coachella. If I could help it, I would never go again. They charge you $12 for a, what, 8oz water bottle? And those are the only ones you can bring in and fill. What the fuck is that bullshit? $269 + surcharges for a ticket? No! You make so much money! Tons of your employees are volunteers! You must make a huge profit! Coachella planners are douchebags, put simply. Alas, I can’t say no to all of my favorite bands in 3 days, so I might have to go again :(
  • Show stealers. I probably should mention somewhere in here my favorite acts. I know its typical and a little boring, but its pretty much the only valuable information in this post. I’ve been hard pressed to pick a single favorite, so these are the top 5 that I was able to see. Keep in mind I didn’t see Sleigh Bells, Yeasayer, She & Him, Vampire Weekend, Edward Sharpe etc, or Tiesto, and they all probably would have been awesome. Okay so top 5, in no order:
    • LCD Soundstyem – Awesome. Never seen them before. So. Awesome.
    • Local Natives – Low expectations turned into new found soaring respect. I always liked them, but never realized how amazing they were.
    • Florence and the Machine – SHE’S INCREDIBLE. Plus Cold War Kids whats-his-face came out and sang a duet version of Hospital Beds. Killer.
    • Hot Chip – Fun as always. Go see them this summer in NYC! I’ll be there! By the way I really did write my college essay about a Hot Chip concert 3 years ago… and I got in… so… yeah. They’re great.
    • Pavement – Although the middle of their set lagged a little, gold soundz almost brought me to tears.

Okay well, wow. That’s it. I can’t tell whether this is far to short or far too long. Or perhaps too medium length-ed? That’ll do I guess. If you want some legitimate Coachella coverage, google it! But if you want some more snarky tidbits on the music industry and beyond, come back here next week :)

Love you all oddles!
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3 comments for “itty interwebs: coachella edition!

  1. April 21, 2010 at 2:10 AM

    TOTALLY agree on local natives. ive always liked them, but that performance made me realize that i LOVE them. luckily they are coming to ann arbor in a couple of weeks at a TINY venue!

  2. adventurerneil
    April 21, 2010 at 2:19 AM

    W00T! Great write-up, kinda felt like I was there. You had to make some tough calls, sounds like!

    I think I liked your stream of twitters the most somehow…

  3. pasha
    April 21, 2010 at 6:55 PM

    Grizzly Bear live is majestic

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