I got At Echo Lake by Woods for ya… IN MY PANTS!

Photography byPriCipEssA

A beautiful day already, a perfect day to get some freaky folk-rock on, eh? Eh indeed! This one has actually been squatting down at the bottom of ye ol’ iPod for a while now and it was by wheel-spinning happenstance that it caught my eye late yesterday… Caught my eye & blew my mind!  In my pants!

NOTE: That seems to be my thing today, to say, “in my pants!”.  Feel free to ignore it, Baby does.

It’s the trippy-dippy gem by Woods called At Echo Lake!

This is lo-fi, homemade, psychedelic deliciousness!  Want to know what they sound like?  Check this picture of them performing I found on Tiny Mixtapes.

I see three guys crammed next to each other, not much by way of drums, but lots by way of wires and little boxes and maybe a dude on the sound-making-machine doing a bong or something.  Add in a high pitched lead vocal and WHEE! Busy boy today & lard knows I said plenty yesterday, so let’s shut up and let Woods get this shit on… IN MY PANTS!

Oh wait… that sounded kinda gross, actually.

1 Blood Dries Darker
2 Pick Up
3 Suffering Season
4 Time Fading Lines
5 From the Horn
6 Death Rattles
7 Mornin’ Time
8 I Was Gone
9 Get Back
10 Deep
11 Til the Sun Rips

Some Woods family lovins: Myspace | Label



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