Falling in love with Avi Buffalo… What’s it in for, someone with nothing to do, what’s it in for me?

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Overcast skies, achy legs, and a tuesday morning can only mean we are elbow deep into the week that is.  Not a bad thing per se, but getting ye ol’ gumption a-movin’ along is taking that extra effort that an overcasted, achy legged tuesday morning would and maybe should require.  On the super-awesome plus side, a new itty interwebs by ari this morning sure helped to start it off about as right as rain!  Her findings and musings make me as giddy as an idget at a carnival eating batter-fried ho-hos!

But alas & aloo, the day & the week must move on, with or without me and I’m voting A.  Speaking of the week, or more specifically, the weekend, please take note, we (i.e. Tsuru AND The Bride) will be in Toronto this weekend participating in Record Store Day, family fun time, AND possibly even a Jays game.  I’ve got the twitters & the facebooks connected to the foursquares so if you want to play along and you are in the area, make sure you stop us and say “ALLOOOO TSURUS!”, m-kay?


M-kay, movin’ on to today’s gem.  This is probably the first album that was being, literally, hyped up down in Our Society (by lysol who came across them on subpop/myspace/etc) since their first song became available! And man o’ man, this actually lives up (way beyond actually) that hype!  It’s the self-titled debut by Avi Buffalo!


I can only say, so far this week, I’ve been one lucky mother musically.  If one fist may be elbow-deep into the week, the other has to be about shoulder-deep into the beauty and complexity of music finding it’s way to my ears!  Frog Eyes left me mesmerized by it’s depth and beauty, Avi Buffalo grabs the baton and takes us into the second secteur to the 7th inning stretch (yes, I know I’m mixing about 73 metaphors & analogies there), and I’m still working through the new Broken Social Scene!

But right now it’s Avi Buffalo, much like yesterday, I have a hard time describing this one.  It’s not as complicated as Frog Eyes, maybe it has a solid base in some roots rock in there somewhere, but that’s just the foundation.  There are layers on top of that foundation, creating one of the more rewarding listens I’ve come across.  So… instead of me butchering up a description again — too late! — let’s just load up the single and enjoy, eh?

Thanks lysol for your continued hyping of this gem.  Great call, my brother!

1. Truth Sets In
2. What’s In It For?
3. Coaxed
4. Five Little Sluts
5. Jessica
6. Summer Cum
7. One Last
8. Can’t I Know?
9. Remember Last Time
10. Where’s Your Dirty Mind?

Some Avi Buffalo sweet love: Myspace | Official | Label



1 comment for “Falling in love with Avi Buffalo… What’s it in for, someone with nothing to do, what’s it in for me?

  1. gibby
    August 1, 2010 at 9:36 AM

    What’s It In For – Byrds meet the Crash Test Dummies (at the end of the song) – a “trip” to the other side. Catch the trippy video.

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