Boycott AZ? I’ve got a better idea… and it ain’t easy bloggerin’ Infinite Arms by Band Of Horses!

Photography by Stefa Zozokovich

We live in crazy times.  While in one hand, it seems like slooowly but surrrrely the world is moving forward, racism, sexism, homophobia, and just intolerance in all shapes & sizes that we’ve been, hell, raised to believe in are going away, in the other hand, it’s worse than it’s ever been.

There are infinite examples of the good & bad of today, but thanks to a tweet by our beloved Stars from Montreal, pictured here feeling more jovial…

…we’ll discuss one of the world’s “lesser” moments.

As you probably know by now, Arizona has just passed new law making every Latino, or really, any non-white-shaded individual, digging in their archives for their birth certificates.  Yep, if you look suspiciously Not American (whatever the hell that is), there’s a chance you may be “legally” stopped by the police to prove your Americanism.  I’m pretty sure it’s not even legal to force people to carry documentation of citizenship, but we’ll leave that one to the legalize folks to fight (which they are).  Besides the legality of the Gestapo-style law the idiots who are running the state installed, it’s just plain racist.  Every person of Hispanic origin in the state is now a potential victim of this law.

Outrage is ensuing out of every orifice from every liberal, moderate, & sane conservative (there are a few) in the country and beyond, but this is a music-oriented site, so when Stars tweeted, “We love AZ. but until its racist new immigration law is repealed, stars (and many others) will boycott this state…” I just had to talk about it.

Boycotts are pretty ineffective.  Unless there is a massive movement that actually causes noticeable amounts of dollars to stop flowing into concerned coffers, boycotts do nothing but drum up a little press for those making the announcement.  In reality, boycotts, by their very nature, are doing something by NOT doing something which is really just doing nothing.  No offense Stars, but you do not have the boycotting star “power” of U2 or Bruce Springsteen or whatever — whatever the hell “star power” is.  So Stars, I have an alternate action you can do with your indie fame…

Instead of not doing something, how about you do something.

How about you get your buddies together (I hear some of you know some of the folks over at Broken Social Scene, which even has Feist which I think was even in a commercial for a gadget not too long ago, etc, etc) and set up a stage or a square of grass or the back of a pick-up truck or hell, grab a couple megaphones.  Then, go get every single person you in Arizona to meet you down at the capital, go get as close as you can to the capital and sing as loud as you fucking can, with as many as you fucking can.

You know, scare the living shitwads out of the racist white idiots in charge of that state.  Let’s get every Latino together and march on the capital.  Let’s, you know, DO something.  Not doing something will do nothing except get Pitchfork to tell everyone you are doing nothing.

It’s not as easy as not going to a state, but hey, nothing worth doing is easy anymore.  Take talking about music on the internets!  It ain’t racist laws on an entire state, but it does effect the entire music industrty and it’s nothing but trouble as bloggerin’ is getting less & less easy with each passing day.  Just look at today’s little obsession, Infinite Arms by Band Of Horses.


With the current climate of love/hate between major (and many minor) labels and bloggerins, when I see something is with the big boys, I tend to run for the hills!  Not always, of course, but mostly.  Infinite Arms has been hard to avoid though.  I liked their last couple albums on SubPop and everyone & their mother (my buddy Lysol loudest of all) was telling me to listen, give it time, nurture it, love it, and it will love you back.

So I did and sure enough, it did.

BUT, word on the street was that the legal hound dogs at Web Sheriff were brought onboard by Band Of Horses newest pimp, Columbia Records.  Serving DMCA notices, freezing blogs, & pretty much scaring the shit out of everyone who was sharing their first single “Compliments”.

Hell, even I got a Web Sheriff email today for a track that I didn’t post that was on a different blog!  A little digging around and it turned out I did share a different track, their other single “Laredo” (that’s available everywhere to stream) when I mentioned Band Of horses had been part of the massive leaks last week.

It’s getting scary out there to be a bloggy blogger.

In one sense, we are part of the PR machine.  When we talk about a song/album/artists, people all over the world, discover something that they maaay, just maybe, have not have heard about other wise.  So, in that sense, we are good for music, we get the word out, people show up to Rural Alberta Advantage’s concert, by swag & records, because me & 100 other sites posted about them.

In the other sense… we are scum of the earth, bottom-feeders, destroying the music industy!  Hell, even genuine music journalist hate us!

Of course, we aren’t though.  Granted, blogs like ours make an easy & focused place for anyone on the internets to find music, but there’s a much MUCH better source, a wider-reaching conduit, to find so much more than I could ever even think to start to want to get the idea to listen to, it’s this great new website called Google.  It’s the ultimate music search engine, AND it doesn’t even stop there!  With it you can search for anything, from news to porn to art to porn to products to even porn!

And there’s porn on it!

So, to the labels, mp3-enforcers, and DMCA-notice-filiers, you can squash every blog from sharing any & every mp3, even the ones you give us to share (one of the more baffling things), hell you can even send DMCA notices to twitter about tweeters who twat that an album has leaked even though they aren’t or haven’t shared that leak with anyone, but unless you stop, you know, the internet, you might want to spend some of that time, money, & energy coming up with a new business plan that utilizes blogs & google & internettals.

But hey, who am I? Just a guy who loves music.  I’m not making money here, I just love to talk about and bring wonderful music to the ears of people who care enough about what we at TSURURADIO like to listen, so maybe I’ll need to find a better way to do it because dealing with the love/hate crap from the powers that be is exhausting! I like the new Band Of Horses album.  It is good, a grower, but a good grower, but a mp3 ain’t worth all the shit that follows it, so here’s how you can hear a couple songs.



And here’s the full tracklisting:

01 Factory
02 Compliments
03 Laredo
04 Blue Beard
05 On My Way Back Home
06 Infinite Arms
07 Dilly
08 Evening Kitchen
09 Older
10 For Annabelle
11 NW Apt.
12 Neighbor

Oh & look, looks like “Laredo” off the new album in on the lalas!!  Ugh, so confusing!  Listen anyway!

And you know what, while we are at it… a couple more soundcloud Band Of Horses moments, eh?

Band of Horses – The Funeral by dancarr1981

Band of Horses – Is There a Ghost by ChristianSamano

101- Band of horses – Wicked Gil by playlistlovers

Band of Horses (The First Song) by salmar


Oh… and look, here’s that other album, Everything All The Time!  Sweet!

I don’t know about you, but man, I feel like I got my Band Of Horse ON!  WOOT!  How about some BoH love and we’ll call it a day: Myspace | Official


7 comments for “Boycott AZ? I’ve got a better idea… and it ain’t easy bloggerin’ Infinite Arms by Band Of Horses!

  1. April 28, 2010 at 4:33 PM

    Tsuru, you’re a daily source of inspiration, great tunes, and good vibes. Thanks for being a beacon of light amongst the darkly interwebs, wearing your heart on your blog, so to speak. Your personality shines through and it makes all the difference in the world.

  2. April 28, 2010 at 5:09 PM

    Who You Gonna Call
    Tel 44-(0)208-323 8013
    Fax 44-(0)208 323 8080

    Hi Again Tsuru,

    Hope all’s well – after an already eventful day !! – and thanks for your post … .. we’d like to add our dime’s worth by saying that, naturally, bloggers are the lifeblood of the on-line, music community – spreading-the-word and sharing new music with the wider world … .. and the principal time that ‘issues’ arise is when pre-release / leaked material is posted as, even though this is invariably well-intentioned, it nevertheless has obvious repercussions for the marketing of the record (and, of course, is highly likely to damage future sales as well) … .. that being said, most labels also invariably provide fans and bloggers with (full-length) preview tracks these days, that everyone is then welcome to post / host / share etc ahead of release … .. and which, to us at any rate, seems both fair and the-right-thing-to-do.

    All The Best (& keep-up the good work),

    WEB SHERIFF (aka “Deputy Dawg”)

  3. April 29, 2010 at 1:06 AM

    Wow! A positive and non-threatening Web Sheriff comment! He even sounds like a human… hot diggity.

  4. April 29, 2010 at 1:08 AM

    PS. A tad ironic that Web Sheriff uses the catchphrase “Who you gonna call” from Ghostbusters? lol…. let’s just hope he has friends over at MGM. :P

  5. April 29, 2010 at 1:12 AM

    PPS. Way to yet again attract tweet comments from the pr0n community with your sizzlingly lurid content, Tsuru! hahaha

  6. April 29, 2010 at 12:32 PM

    @neil… lol! hell yeah, bring on the pr0n! ha!

    @webby.. I hear ya, man. Something’s got to be worked out between the music industry & bloggerin’ folks like us. It’s a strange time to be a blogger & a musician in the still-transitioning phase. Here’s to a happy medium in the not-so-near future!

  7. nelso
    April 29, 2010 at 11:17 PM

    I LOVE Band of Horses, but I cant stand this record….its just missing something….

    Funny how major labels freak out about sharing, and indie bands thrive on it….hmmm

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