BLAST FROM THE PAST! With You Can’t Stop The Bum Rush by Len!

I’d like to interrupt MIXTAPES WEEK for a second for an old gem I seem to be getting stuck on repeat.  So how about we try a tiny little new feature I’ll call…


Today we are listening to a gem that is now, if you can believe it, over 10 years old.  It came into my head, as many albums do, because a lyric that I then parodied which then reminded me of another song on the album which then made me want to play the song in that post which then made me want to listen to the album!  Oh my…. That’s right, it’s the funtastic Can’t Stop The Bum Rush by Len!

Oh how I loved/love this album.  When I heard, like you, “Steal My Sunshine” I was smitten, not just on that cute Canadian Sharon, but the whole damn band!

I picked up the album expecting to hear more “Steal My Sunshine”-like goodness, but man was I surprised.  What I found was hip-hop.  Really smart, really fun old-school hip-hop (the “to the beat, ya’ll, and you don’t stop” old school hip hop), mixed with really fun & danceable pop & rock songs.

NOTE: I’m going to say the word “fun” alot, because that’s really what this is….  FUN.

After “Sunshine” wraps up, an acapella little rhyme kicks in and BLAMO a funky-soul rap song takes over.  Oh man, but that was just the beginning, because before you know it, we hear an audience, someone egging them on, a robot, and one of the sweetest beat-boxes meets smooth synths I’ve ever heard as “Man Of The Year” takes over.  It’s old-school mixed with a different old-school mixed with something decidedly different.

Now, as much fun as I was having, it wasn’t until Biz Markie stumbles “Beautiful Day” on you that, oh my…..  Oh my.  Listening again right now.  Goose bumps.  That fucking bassline, the rap that I grew up when rap was first showing up on records, mashed up perfectly!  All with the most god-awful chorus “sung” by Markie!

I was sold.

Sold, sold, sold.

I remember specifically driving across the Howard-Franklin for who knows what reason, into St. Pete from Tampa, I guess it would be 10 years ago, windows down, on a good day, not a sweltering hot day, with this destroying my ears.  Absolute heaven!

Apparently, they had a second video, probably Canada only, for another song that really doesn’t represent what you are going to get with this album, “Feeling Alright”, a fun, silly “rockish” song that when taken for what it is, is again….. fun (see?)

Vid even has that one guy from That 70’s Show — is he Canadian?  HA!  Look.  Will this post take this humble little blog of ours “to the next level”?  Not at all.  This is just me sharing something I had to get off my chest, off my ears, with you.  So,  here’s the first few songs, my faves, guaranteed to (you ready for this) keep your sunshine right where it belongs, in your eyes, on your skin, and in your ears!

Too cheesy?  Ah, fuck it.

  1. “Steal My Sunshine”
  2. “Cryptik Souls Crew”
  3. “Man of the Year”
  4. “Beautiful Day” (featuring Biz Markie)
  5. “The Hard Disk Approach”
  6. “Hot Rod Monster Jam”
  7. “Cold Chillin'” (featuring Kurtis Blow, Buck 65 and Mr Dibbs on scratches)
  8. “Feelin’ Alright” (featuring C.C. Deville on lead guitar)
  9. “Cheekybugger”
  10. “Big Meanie”
  11. “Junebug”
  12. “Crazy ‘Cause I Believe (Early Morning Sunshine)”

Word is Marc & Sharon are making an album on their own, without the rest of Len.  Well, here’s to that, but regardless, we’ll always have this.

*happy sigh*

I feel better, thanks!  Cheers,


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