Back to normal, whatever the hell that is, with Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph by Frog Eyes

Photography by daniele

Howdy mah free-ends!  How goes it?  How about that weekend, eh?  Epic rides, epic times, and epic mixtapes all around!  The 38th Woodstock Budget Tour 100 miler was great!  I was strong like bear, a polar bear, and barreled through the last 25 miles like Fabian Cancellara, only less fit, less Swiss, less cobblestones, and much slower!  WHEEE! The weather was amazing both days, I actually did yard work!  I know, nutty right?  Add in that, not only me, but Peanut also posted an amazing mixtape, and really, what more could you ask for?

Nothing.  Because if you did, well, that’d just be greedy and you don’t want to be greedy do you, like your greedy-greedy grandma do you??? Do you?????  Of course you don’t.  But here we are, on a fine Monday morning, sky an appropriate sky blue, the sun is a-shinin’ and the temps are getting back to where they belong around 70ish so with that it’s time we too get back to normal, whatever the hell that is on TSURURADIO — lard knows I haven’t figured that out yet!

And what wonderful album have I been aching, pining, nay, BEGGING to talk about allllll week????  Motherfucking Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph by Frog Eyes!!!

Hole-Lee-Shiiiiiiit.  This is so good.  Okay, first things first… The biggest hump to liking Frog Eyes, in general & in my opinion, is Carey Mercer’s voice.  It vibrates, hiccups, yelps, squawks, howls, and, on occasion, sounds like a normal voice, so if you can accept and embrace it, you are 90% there.  Musically, Paul’s Tomb is…. well, masterful.  It’s beautiful, hard, intense, tender, distorted, and sweet, often all at once, it’s proggy-ish, it’s fringe Sunset Rubdown-ish, it’s just got so much going on, it takes many listens just to begin to get the gist of what the hells all going on.

On the surface though, somehow (seriously, I have no idea how), it’s immediately enjoyable.  How is a 9+min opener that’s abrupt with scratchy howling, head pounding drums bap-bap-bap-bap-bap, change ups in rhythm & time & momentum is “immediately enjoyable”, I have no fucking clue, but there it is.

And really, that’s the whole thing, lyrically & musically gorgeous & cryptic & challenging.  Okay, I give up.  Just listen for yourself!

01 A Flower in a Glove
02 The Sensitive Girls
03 Odetta’s War
04 Rebel Horns
05 Lear, in the Park
06 Styled by Dr. Roberts
07 Lear in Love
08 Violent Psalms
09 Paul’s Tomb

Some Frog Eye love: Myspace | Label



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