2 Days To Go Until We Ride For Boobies!!!! And If I Had A Hi-Fi by Nada Surf!!!


Maps are printed, signs are made, Clem’s in good shape, the weather is looking to be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!

Let’s help save some boobies???? WHEEEEEEEE!!!!


And perfect with the Spring-like weather?  Why it’s new Nada Surf!  How perfect!  Well, not “new” new… It’s actually a covers album called If I Had A Hi-Fi, but Nada Surf is Nada Surf and their fuzzy power chord pop is Spring!


Cover albums are tricky.  In one sense, they are probably the laziest form of album creation.  I mean, the song, the arrangements are already written!  Technically, all you have to do is get permission from the owner of the rights to the song and then play them in a mic.  Technically.

In another sense though, cover albums are ridiculously difficult.  First the selection process… Of the infinite available songs or maybe of just the couple hundred you love, how do you pick which ones to cover?  Then comes the really hard part, making the song “your own” but at the same time, not losing what made the song so great or fun or whatever to  begin with!  You are Nada Surf and you want to cover “Enjoy The Silence” by Depeche Mode?  If you make it too Depeche Mode, then what was the point?  If you make it too Nada Surf, then “wtf did you do to my beloved ‘Enjoy The Silence’ you asshole?”.  If you do something generic and watered down, well, now you are just pissing us off.

Take a look at Peter Gabriel’s “Scratch Your Back” thing out.  Basically him, I think drunk after a White Castle binge, tinkering slowly, so so slowly, on the piano while croaking out “indie” songs.  Oh my.  Something along the lines of this, but with a piano (and hopefully a shirt).

But in the end, no matter the deemed “success” of the covering on the album, they are still fun.  Even the worse ones are fun.  Even the Peter Gabriel one, no matter how serious he’s going at it, is still kinda fun.

And that’s exactly what we got here!  A whole bunch of the Nada Surf you know and love covering some known & lesser known songs!  From Spoon to Kate Bush (love that one) to Depeche Mode to French stuff!  So just turn on your favourite songs, and sing along because you know the damn words (another benefit to a covers album) and have fun!!!

Nuffin’ but good times….

01 Electrocution (Bill Fox)
02 Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode)
03 Love Goes On (The Go Betweens)
04 Janine (Arthur Russell)
05 You Were So Warm (Dwight Twilley)
06 Love And Anger (Kate Bush)
07 Agony Of Lafitte (Spoon)
08 Bye Bye Beaute (Coralie Clement)
09 Question (Moody Blues)
10 Bright Side (Soft Pack)
11 Evolucion (Mecromina)
12 I Remembered What I Was Going To

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