Vacations, mixtapes, new editions, and By Hook & By Crook by Shabby Rogue

Photography by Nicole Williams

Rainy morning today on my ride… Wanna see?  Here’s me finally reaching work and de-layering in a sheltered area.

I love it though.  Rain, mud… fun stuff.  But damn to my thighs look MAAAASSIVE from that angle!  Gotta love a man in tights though, right?  The hawtness on two wheels!!!

Anyways, busy boy today!  Bunch of running around at work, then I (yes, ME) got invited to a good-bye lunch for a co-worker!  I know, weird, eh?  That never happens.  Good people, good times, but, given it’s bar food I’m about 10 minutes from food coma city so I better get all this out quiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiick.


Think I just dozed for a sec!

C’mon T! SNAP OUT OF IiiiiizzzzzzzziiiiT!  Oopah!  Okay… 3 things before we get on today’s sweet ass album.

1.  Baby & I are will be on a little mini-mini-vacation this weekend so no post from me on Friday.  Awww… I know, I’m sorry, but I’ll be on a plane then see my mom & sis and doubt I’ll have time to jibber on about the latest album to coat my ear drums!  BUT that leads me to number 2 (and number 3)…

2.  I’ve got a little going-away treat for ya!  Tomorrow we’ll presenting what I believe to be a pretty EPIC 2 hour+ mixtape!  Just doing the final tweaking today, made a mistake when I pulled a 15 minute doozy for a 5 minute dinger, need to fix that tonight.  It’s even got, not one, but TWO songs from the 80s?  Holy shit!  But that’s not all! Because of…

3. We got a new contributor to TSURURADIO!  Yep, if the good lard’s a-willin’ and the creeks don’t rise, Dorice will be joining Grafista & Peanut and bring us the occasional column or song or album or thought or whatever from wonderful Toronto, Canada whenever the desire suits her!  So, not sure when her first post will “hit the stands” but when it does, make sure to give her some sweet tender welcomes, okay?

Exciting stuff, eh?  Yeah, I think so too!

And — yep, I’m going there — “speaking of exciting stuff”, how about that By Hook And By Crook by Shabby Rogue???


I like this (obviously).  It’s been off & on in my ears for the past couple weeks.  What’s most interesting about it to me is the variety of “genres” you get with this, it almost plays like a mixtape!  Whether it be straight-forward rock of “Reason”, to the folk-rock, almost 90s Dylan/Wilbury-esque on “Every Light”, to the is-that-Irish-bar-rock? “Northern Lights”, to the acoustic indie-pop of “My Future With You”, it’s all over the place and normally that would spell disaster with a capital D and maybe even a capital T, definitely the R.

But it works. Not sure why… There’s a chemistry that seems to tie it all together that I can quite get the words out before my food coma truly sets in for good.  But who cares what you call it, just listen, enjoy, and buy it!

01. Northern Lights
02. My Future With You
03. The Mountain
04. Old Man
05. My Life As A Secret Agent
06. Hidden In The Yard
07. Jack In A Box
08. Tales From The City
09. Every Light
10. Reason
11. By Hook And By Crook
12. Chamber Of Lights

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